Enjoy ecosystem for student shopping

Enjoy ecosystem for student shopping

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Enjoy ecosystem was born from the experience of Enjoy LIUC Card and the RFId Laboratory of LIUC University - Carlo Cattaneo

I'm green ideas innovations that improve people's lives, and make it easier. It is a green idea Enjoy ecosystem by UBI Banca, the innovative tool created in partnership with 5 Italian universities to make purchases easier and improve shopping experience of university students.

Enjoy ecosystem by UBI Bancawas awarded in the context of [email protected] Award 2012, an initiative organized by Accenture in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore to reward companies operating in the retail, banking, fashion, TLC sectors that have distinguished themselves for having implemented innovative projects in terms of service quality, customer loyalty and the creation of brand awareness.

In particular, Enjoy ecosystem was awarded in the category Best Technology Innovation - Best Customer Application, designed for retailers who have distinguished themselves in the use of technologies to support the shopping experience, evaluating the ability to use innovative tools to support the customer in order to improve the shopping experience.

To achieve this goal, the contribution of the LIUC University - Carlo Cattaneo University of Castellanza (VA) and its laboratory Lab # ID on RFId systems (Radio Frequency Identification) through the Enjoy LIUC Card, an innovative multifunctional card intended for students, teachers and administrative staff of the university, which brings together banking and university services (identification badges for registration for exams, for loan in the library, for photocopying service) in a single card equipped with advanced technological supports.

In particular thanks to technology NFC (Near Field Communication) allows you to make payments in mode contactless in the various authorized places of the university and at the Castellanza exhibitors who have joined the project. A project born from the meeting of two very active realities in the province of Varese: the Banca Popolare di Bergamo, reference bank of the UBI Banca Group in this area and Lab # ID, the LIUC RFID laboratory - Cattaneo University, created with the contribution of the Varese Chamber of Commerce and the Lombardy Region, with the collaboration of the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Varese.

The purpose of the initiative is to support the technology transfer towards organizations interested in RFId systems, in particular SMEs interested in understanding and evaluating the advantages of these systems both at a single company level and from a collaborative perspective. Enjoy LIUC Card also allows holders to pay at stores in Italy and abroad that display the MasterCard brand, withdraw from all automatic teller machines (ATMs) in Italy and abroad, top up the card in all branches or at ATMs, make and receive wire transfers, transfer money from one Enjoy card to another, carry out transactions online thanks to the Internet Banking Here UBI and accumulate points to be transformed into rewards thanks to the dedicated Loyalty program.

In addition, the Enjoy LIUC Card allows LIUC students and teachers to use the Bank services with no activation costs and no monthly fees and to use the card also for to pay taxes is accredit scholarships.

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