PowerSkin for smartphones

PowerSkin for smartphones

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Charging your mobile phone with a keychain is now a reality, as are solar covers. Smartphones are everywhere, they have become as essential as oxygen for people who work and want to always be in contact with the rest of the world; in fact with smartphones the world doesn't even seem that big since they allow you to do an infinite series of operations simply by sending commands from the palm of your hand.

The popularity of smartphones has put designers and companies under considerable pressure to satisfy an increasingly demanding audience. While smartphones continue to be popular, a company called Powerskin has developed sustainable solutions for charging mobile phones using solar energy. The company didn't just launch the classic on the market cover which integrates solar panels, but has devised an entire line of "smart gadgets" for smartphone. SolarCharge and KeyCharge are part of the line.

These are battery charging supplements that boost the standard performance of your mobile phone. Both solar chargers come with a rubberized blue cover. It is equipped with LED lights that indicate the battery charge level. KeyCharge Powerskin it is a 750 mAh battery charger and will provide an extra charge which can translate into 90 minutes of talk time. The KeyCharge Powerskin can be treated as a keychain hitech and can be connected to the phone using a microusb cable or similar adapters.

The SolarCharge Powerskin it is a universal charger for all types of phones, it adapts well to the iPhone but also to the iPod touch of all generations. It has a capacity of 1000 mAh and can provide an extra charge equal to 350 minutes of talk time. The SolarCharge Powerskin is a 100% sustainable supplementary battery. The hitech gadgets developed by Powerskin makes good use ofsolar power which is stored and used to charge any type of smartphone. In dark conditions, the SolarCharge can be pre-charged at home, using USB power, and then provide emergency electricity outside the home. These gadgets eco-sustainable are available starting February 2012, on the Powerskin store at a price of $ 69.99 for the SolarCharge and $ 24.99 for the KeyCharge.

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