Watch TV on your pc in streaming

Watch TV on your pc in streaming

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Which Internet for watch tv on pc? Today, many services (such as Sky Online and Infinity, Sky and Mediaset's streaming TVs respectively) allow you to enjoy video content on a wide variety of devices, including - in addition to the classic smart TV, smartphones, tablets and even game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation - even personal computers. Yeah, but what connection does it take?

The first distinction to be made is that between high definition content or low definition content. Basically, HD video quality (now almost obsolete, with the advent of super HD or 4k which is already available for services like Netflix) requires much more bandwidth than normal definition, and the same goes for audio. multichannel. For these contents it will be necessary to obtain aADSL at least 20 Mbit / s or one optic fiber with high performance in download, choosing from the many rates and promotions that can be found on the rate comparator.

How to do it instead for watch tv on pc if you don't have or can't have one fixed connection? In this case, the quality problem becomes even more pressing: if you use the Internet on consumption, in fact, it is good to keep in mind that the gigabytes offered by the most common subscriptions run out very quickly with high definition videos. If you plan to stream TV on your PC very often, it may be a good idea to check offers for satellite Internet is WiMax on the rate comparator - also available where the normal connections ADSL is fiber they do not arrive - more suited to our case.

Finally, it should be remembered that the PC can be useful not only for watch tv on your pc in streaming, but also to transmit it to other devices thanks to devices such as the Chromecast, the dongle designed by Google that adapts to any TV with an HDMI output - even non-smart ones - and that allows you to take advantage of a wireless network for viewing on a larger and more comfortable screen, or the Apple TV slightly more expensive but with more features. Of course, also in this case all the considerations made regarding the quality of transmission and the consumption of gigabytes are valid.

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