On Facebook keep track of your car

On Facebook keep track of your car

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Not just games and MyCalendar, an application has landed on Facebook that allows you to manage yours car. The application will keep track of the kilometers traveled, the efficiency of the vehicle, its maintenance and the fuel consumption. Is called Cargly and it is the App that can be used on any web browser but also on the smartphone.

Simply log into the application and, as usual, grant it access to your facebook account, or, alternatively, you can download the app on your iPhone or Android OS. Cargly is a free app that will help you take care of your car: among the various options, the application will be able to notify you when you need to carry out maintenance work such as an oil change or a check to the brakes.

The application is a real logbook that keeps track of the kilometers traveled by relating them to the fuel consumed and the price of fuel. It will be able to give you an estimate on how much you spend for each kilometer traveled, how much you have spent or consumed in a week, in a month ... in short, you do the statistics! It also keeps in mind any repair or daily maintenance costs until you get an estimate on how much your car will cost to go to work or for daily errands.

Having in front of your eyes the average daily expense of the car, who knows if you don't choose to move in bike! Definitely cheaper and healthier! The only flaw is that the App is in English, but during the registration process, when you enter the data of your vehicle (model, color, km traveled), it is important to choose the United Kingdom (UK) units of measurement as well. to have all the estimates in euros and km.

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