Poo WiFi, free internet thanks to your dogs

Poo WiFi, free internet thanks to your dogs

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We try to stay as far away as possible from dog poop, it's so annoying! Some owners are so undisciplined and let the dog face it on the sidewalk without picking it up. But what if dog poop becomes a resource capable of connecting you to free internet?

A curious initiative that sees the dog poo as a sort of exchange currency. Instead of pretending that feces do not exist, some ecological designers have thought of exploiting it as a resource by looking for strategies to collect it and produce energy. Thus comes the project Poo WiFi which keeps the parks clear of dog poos and in addition provides a free service by offering Wifi connection.

The initiative was launched by the Mexican portal Terra, which is testing the idea in 10 parks in Mexico City. When the user throws away his bag containing the dog poop, the device calculates the weight of the droppings and dispenses the minutes: the more poop will be inserted, the longer will be the time available to navigate!

The idea was born to keep clean parks, at a time when people are more interested in looking at their own display smartphone rather than being careful where you step.

The campaign is made possible thanks to the agency DDB Mexico and Earth. For a period, each bin is supported by a hostess who will help the user to collect the feces and operate the device. Don't miss the video below!

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