Notebook battery freeware

Computers use a lot of energy, be they portable or stationary. If for home computers the only advantage of energy saving it can be found on a lower electricity bill, for the notebook battery, energy saving also means greater performance.

On the web there are several free programs that, once installed, will help you save energy and increase theautonomy of the battery of your notebook. Let's see together what these free software are:

  • Boray Power. It is a very light software, the "trial " it has no limitations. It works by slowing down the computer processor during inactivity. So when you are fiddling with your favorite programs you do not run the risk of stumbling into annoying slowdowns because the software acts only when the computer is stopped. There notebook battery it will benefit a lot and can give you autonomy in May.
  • Verdiem. It is a more complex software, it helps you manage the energy you have in the notebook battery. The software for the energy saving was issued by Edison, a leading company in the energy sector and which through some programs has helped companies around the world to reduce energy waste in the IT field.
  • AKS-Labs. Another freeware, intended for Windows 9x, 2000 (Windows Me), XP and NT users. It is a WatchOverEnergy program, it deals with optimizing the energy expenditure of yours notebook and automatically switches the monitor to standby mode when there are no important programs running. The software will tell you how much watts of power and how much money you have saved with it.
  • Jsutils. It is software for the energy saving and is dedicated to Windows users of all sorts, from Windows Me to the recent Windows 7. The program checks how much energy is used by the mouse, the keyboard and the CPU and from here, if it does not register any activity, it could also decide to turn off automatically your computer.
  • Granola. It is freeware for Windows and Linux. It manages to improve the energy efficiency of your computer by increasing thenotebook battery life. There is a freeware and a paid version.

Let's not forget that there are simpler freeware that simply put the computer in stoppage automatically when there is no activity (Power Manager Sonar) or, similarly, freeware that automatically turns off the computer after a certain period of inactivity chosen by the same user ( WinOFF) although most operating systems offer this option directly from the settings. For computers Mac you just need to set the parameters from "Setting" - "Energy Saving" and if you want to monitor energy expenditure, just install a simple widget.

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