Jasmine not blooming, what to do

Jasmine not blooming, what to do

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Jasmine not blooming: the precautions to be implemented in thecultivation of jasmine when this plant does not produce flowers.

The advice you will find on this page applies to bothfalse jasmine that does not bloomboth in case ofreal jasminewhich produces no flowers. Before getting to the heart of the matter let's have a brief overview of the two plants and their cultivation.

Difference between false jasmine and true jasmine

TheJasminebotanicallyJasminum, differs fromfalse jasmine(Trachelospermum Jasminoides) for different characteristics. To distinguish ajasminefrom afalse jasminelook at the leaves: Jasminum jasmine has lighter and less glossy leaves than false jasmine which has slightly waxed leaves. In addition, the flowers are also different even if both have 5 petals, those of the false jasmine are more elongated.

The fundamental difference is that the two plants belong to different families: thejasminetrue belongs to the botanical family of Oleaceae while the trachelospermum Jasminoides (false jasmine) belongs to the Apocynaceae family. Despite these differences it can be said that the two plants have similar needs, which is why this guide can be applied both if the problem offailure to bloomshows up on thefalse jasmineeven if the "real" jasmine does not bloom.

Jasmine not blooming, the causes

Among the differences are some factors that should not be underestimated that could cause the non-flowering.

The terrain
The only thing to consider in case of scarce or absent flowering for several years in a row, is the reaction of the soil: thefalse jasminecan tolerate slightly calcareous soils well while Jasminum jasmine is, by definition, an acidophilic plant (for more information, read the page "acidophilic plants cure ") therefore requires a soil with a basically acidic pH.

False jasmine tolerates winter cold while thereal jasmineit is more sensitive so it may not flower following a too cold winter.

The false jasmine fears too extreme pruning. Beware of containment pruning that could cause stress to the plant, slow growth and poor production offlowers.

Thefalse jasmineit grows well and produces flowers in a sunny or partially sunny area (partial shade), it is a rather rustic and resistant plant

Jasmine not blooming, what to do

When a plant is not flowering or fruiting, the first thing to do is to check that the plant has everything it needs to thrive.

Check that the typical needs of thejasmine, that means:

  • sunny position
  • position sheltered from strong winds
  • environment with mild climate
    (even winters don't have to be particularly harsh)
  • soil with good drainage
  • fertile soil rich in organic matter

Once the necessary checks have been made, if the plant has everything it needs, you should hypothesize nutritional suffering dictated by mineral deficiencies in the soil. Of course, I will not ask you to do a soil fertility test, just try to administer specific fertilizers for your plant.

Extra fertilizations
To trigger a flowering it is recommended to add fertilizer for flowering plants to the growing medium with 1 or 2 extra fertilizations in spring. You can do a second extra fertilization session in late summer.

Also in order to stimulate flowering, add peaty soil to the base of the plant. Do it between the end of May and the beginning of June.

Irrigation and fertilization:
Thejasmineand thefalse jasminethey require regular watering and above all remember to fertilize them every 15 days in the period from spring to late summer. At the very beginning of spring and at the end of summer you have to perform two extra doses with specific fertilizers for flowering.

For ordinary fertilizations:
among the fertilizers on the market, we advise you to choose a liquid one for green plants and flowering plants such as the Zapi fertilizer for green plants that ensures the right nutritional supply to climbing plants just like jasmine (you can use it in the garden also on ferns, ficus , the croton, calla lilies and many other plants with evergreen leaves).

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