How to stop ruminating: tips and books

How to stop ruminating: tips and books

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Why talk about how to stop ruminating does it have to do with sustainability? Because it is a huge waste of time and energy. Those who do it, repeatedly and often, know it well. When our mind is in a loop, it is difficult to get out of it and hours and hours are wasted without being able to do anything very well and very often becoming in a bad mood. However, it is possible to stop this "vice" and rediscover the power to manage your hours as you wish. When you are used to brooding you don't realize how much this activity ruins your life but as soon as you get rid of it, it will seem to have really gained a lot of time and a lot of serenity, a different way of seeing things, lighter, in its best possible meaning. All this to say that it is worth trying, to keep reading, even if only to realize that you are brooding without knowing it or that you are already able to stop bad thoughts and not be captured by certain obsessive mental loops.

When it comes to mind, free mind, it is inevitable to quote Bruce Lee which recalls nature as an example often happens. This time it is the water that teaches us what to do.

“Be formless. Without limits, like water. If you put water in a cup, the water becomes like the cup, if you put it in a bottle, it becomes like the bottle. In a teapot, it becomes like the teapot. The water can flow or break. Be like water my friend. "

What does it mean to ruminate

Ruminate it is an action like any other, from a certain point of view, it all depends on the time we dedicate to it and the conclusions it brings us to. Few times, but it happens every now and then, ruminating on an episode we have experienced helps us to derive a meaning from it that we had missed or to find a cold solution that we had not had the opportunity to think about when hot, taken by emotion.

However, there are times when we brood without any purpose. For example on something that does not require a solution or on which we do not have the power to intervene. What is the use of thinking and rethinking? It happens then to mull over even after great periods of stress, for study or for work.

We've been so worried about something that even when the real reason ceases, we can't get our heads off and put it behind us. This is brooding and, as you can see, it is auseless if not harmful activity because it causes us stress and it does not allow us to relax, it keeps us with our head in the past or in the future and not in the present, the only place where it should be.

How to stop brooding: tips

It is not always possible to stop ruminating with willpower alone. It is a bit like continuing to bang your head against a wall instead of turning your head a few degrees and discovering that there is a door. Instead, let's go to the door using strategies that can help us. They are gods tricks to make fun of that part of the head that has fixed itself and is trapped in the loop. The mind very often must be indulged and steered slowly, with patience, towards more constructive paths. Let's see how.

  1. Create a "trouble tree" or a place, obviously imaginary, where to hang up all the troubles, the negative things that lead you to mull over. This tree is used to create a sort of anti-worry appointment or ritual, which allows us to limit our anxiety to that period of time, preventing it from kidnapping us for the whole day. When we hear "well, I'll take care of it later". Here, that's right, let's define a moment in which we allow the mind to take care of certain anxiety, for the rest of the day, we are present and we do not let other thoughts distract us.
  2. Don't ask yourself "why". In this case we mean the whys concerning the past, what happened, what we did, and that we can no longer change. Bringing up what has been is a bad idea, especially if you start questioning yourself about our actions, criticizing them. The whys must not imprison us, when they pop up in our minds we must go back to the present and think that the only reality that should interest us is what we see around us. It can be very useful to identify a phrase or a gesture that brings us back to the present, or an object such as a pendant, for example.
  3. Take refuge in your "kingdom". In the realm that you have created, in the folds of your mind, there are no obsessive thoughts and there are no people who expect answers from us. When we feel water in the throat or pressed, with the mind we can run into our kingdom and relax. If it seems like a crazy thing, furnish it and you will see that it will be more welcoming. For example, choose a place you love, mountain, sea or desert, imagine the sounds and colors, and even the smells. Whenever there is a negative thought to mull over, you can walk through the door of your kingdom and take refuge there. Obsessive thinking will tire of waiting for you.

How to stop ruminating: books

We leave, without any reason to mull over what has been said so far but with three titles which can be stimulating. Net of a few sentences of context, they have pages of good, concrete advice.

  • The subtle art of messing up your life. How to avoid the traps of the mind and live happily
  • Tidy up your mind. How to stop worrying, relieve anxiety and eliminate negative thoughts
  • Stop the hamster in your head! How to get rid of negative thinking and get rid of stress forever

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