Online character count of a text

Online character count of a text

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More and more often those who work in the publishing sector, both online and offline, need to check the length of a text in terms of character count.

For years this operation has been extremely simple using the appropriate text revision tools made available by the software used to draft texts, the most famous is certainly Word, within the Microsoft Office suite or still Google Docs, the use of which is free.

Often, however, you find yourself writing on a smartphone, on a computer that is not your own or simply you do not have the software available and therefore I decided to propose this very simple on IdeeGreen tool to perform the online character count of any text in a few moments.

Counting the characters of a text is also very important whenever you need to post a tweet on Twitter, publish a post on Facebook or, for those who own a website, count the characters to be used for the title, abstract or metatag title and description. of a web page, which require a well-defined maximum number of characters.

Character count of an online text

Just write directly or simply copy and paste your text in the box below and then click on the "COUNT CHARACTERS" button that you will find immediately after to have an indication of the number of characters including spaces.

Character count with Microsoft Word

If you are using Microsoft Word to write your text, I remind you that to immediately find the number of characters and the number of words, just click on the "Review" menu and then click on the "Word count”To display a pop-up window with the number of characters with and without spaces, the number of words and other information about the text contained in your document.

If you want to view the character count referring only to a part of your text, all you have to do is select the portion of text you are interested in and then click on the "Character Count" button to view the desired information. Here are two screenshots.

Character count with Google Docs

If you are using Google Docs, you will have to click on the menu item "Tools"And then on the item"Word count“: In addition to the number of words, you will also see the number of characters.

Here are two screenshots.

Video: Character count and word count Tool Online (June 2022).


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