Egg white: how much it weighs, recipes, cakes and calories

Egg white: how much it weighs, recipes, cakes and calories

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Eggs are loved and sometimes forbidden at the table, but egg white it has a lot of interesting properties. It is good for our body and has very few calories, but not only: it is a very useful ingredient also in the kitchen, as we will see shortly with a couple of tasty recipes. It is necessary to know how to handle, assemble, divide it, but there are many tricks even for inexperienced chefs.

Egg white: properties and what it is used for

Egg white is the transparent part of the egg, quite simply, and it is a rich part even if it is sometimes underestimated compared to the yolk. Contains about 40 types of albumin, including ovalbumin, the most represented, ovotransferrin and lysozyme. These elements, with names that are difficult to remember, are however very important for our health. They contribute to the growth of our muscles, have an anti-inflammatory effect and also restructuring properties for skin and hair. The best thing is to consume cooked egg white because these proteins are not as easy to digest as they are found in nature. When we cook them some components are inactivated, such as avidine, which limits the absorption of vitamin H.

Many of us will know that eggs should not be eaten more than a couple of times a week due to a calorie problem and more. However, this does not apply to egg white alone, which does not cause these problems and can be consumed every day without any worries. It is not difficult separate it, then we will see how, but if we are lazy we can also buy it, in some well-stocked supermarkets. We find it in liquid form, easy to use and also to dose if we need it for some recipes like those that we illustrate in a few lines. Raw, once pasteurized, it is a very safe food, no salmonella risk.

Recipes with egg whites

There are many savory recipes to prepare with egg white but for this time we have chosen two sweets. THE biscuits with egg whites and the cake with egg whites. They are often used to prepare tasty and at the same time very light desserts.

The biscuits with egg whites, typical and easy to cook, are the cat's tongues. Thin but tasty, they are excellent both for a snack, both to accompany a steaming tea, and after dinner because they do not satiate too much but take away the whim. You need to prepare a dough based on butter, sugar, flour and egg whites, here are the ingredients for 30 grams of cat's tongue.

  • Butter at room temperature 100 g
  • 100 g powdered sugar
  • 00 flour 100 g
  • Egg whites at room temperature 100 g

Put the butter at room temperature in a bowl together with the icing sugar and mix everything with a whisk to obtain a smooth cream. S.and wepar the egg whites from the yolks, if we have not already taken them separately in the store, and add half a dose of egg white and then mix again. When the dough is homogeneous, pour half a dose of sifted flour a little at a time, always mixing with whips and then the other half of the egg whites. Only at the end, we add the rest of the flour and we work until our mixture is homogeneous.

Let's settle it in a sac-à-posche with a smooth nozzle of 10 mm 11 and let it rest in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Prepare a dripping pan lined with a sheet of baking paper and take the sac-à-poche from the fridge, keep it raised and form strips one or two centimeters wide and 7 long, leaving them well spaced from each other. We should get about 30 cat tongues that we can put in the oven to cook after having made it reach 200 °. They are thin, 10-12 minutes are enough to brown them, remove them immediately and let them cool. They are ready to do from accompaniment to desserts, fruit salads, cakes or to be eaten. They can be kept for a maximum of 4 or 5 days, if desired they can also be flavored by adding the grated rind of a lemon or the seeds of a vanilla bean during the mixing phase.

The other equally tasty recipe is that of cake with egg whites to be prepared with the following ingredients:

  • 200 g Flour
  • 200 g Egg whites
  • 180 g Sugar
  • 120 g Seed Oil
  • 1 sachet Powdered Yeast For Sweets
  • Powdered Sugar

We divide the egg whites from the yolks making sure that no part of the yolk goes into the egg whites otherwise they will not mount, and let's mount them. Take the flour, sugar, baking powder and oil, mixing everything in a large bowl with a spoon until you get a very firm and compact compound. At this point we can pour into the bowl a generous spoonful of stiffly beaten egg white, stirring constantly and then add all the beaten egg whites. To obtain a good consistency you need gentle movements from the bottom up.

Pour the dough into a greased or oiled cake pan or with parchment paper and level the surface, put it in oven preheated to 170 degrees for 35 minutes about and we test the toothpick before taking it out for good. We can sprinkle it with powdered sugar, if desired. To flavor it it is recommended to add lemon or lemon zest grated orange or the vanilla flavor. With the leftover egg yolks we can prepare a tasty custard to fill the cake or one chocolate custard, equally inviting.

How much does an egg white weigh

There is no single answer to this question because it depends on the size of the whole egg. Some eggs weigh less than 53 grams, others between 53 and 63 grams, but the large ones also weigh between 63 and 73 grams. Exceptionally they also reach over 73 grams. Shell, yolk and egg white have different weights and l’Egg white is the most consistent part in terms of weight because it represents the 60% of the egg. The shell is the lightest part and its weight, equal to 10% of the total, the yolk corresponds to 30%.

Calories of an egg white

L'egg white as we have already specified, it is not a caloric food because it is the yolk that makes the egg total, in its entirety, despite weighing less. The beauty of egg white is that it provides us with a lot of protein but ruins the figure and does not create health problems even if consumed every day. An albumen is made up for the 10% from proteins and for the remaining 90% from water, with a minimum energy intake: an egg white (35 g) provides only 18 calories.

The yolk it is certainly not lacking in proteins, but so why eliminate it? Because it also contains a share consists of fat (29%) e cholesterol (5%), so it can damage the heart and arteries if you overdo the quantities.

Egg white: nutritional values

To better understand the qualities of'egg whites taken separately, better look at its nutritional values. In addition to water and protein, it also contains mineral salts such as magnesium, sodium and potassium, carbohydrates, especially glucose, and B vitamins.

For the athletes it is a perfect food but we can also find it in various packaged and diet foods or with a limited number of calories such as protein pasta, bars, egg proteins, etc.

How to make whipped egg whites

In many recipes containing egg white, or whole eggs, you will find the indication of mount them until stiff. How to do? This operation with such a poetic name consists in nothing but introducing air into the egg whites to form a stable foam to be used as an ingredient for desserts. From softness and softness, in meringues it is an essential ingredient.

Here is how to proceed to obtain a perfect foam. We take fresh eggs e Remove them from the fridge in time so that the egg whites are not too cold but at room temperature. When we divide it from the yolk, we check that there are no traces of it because the foam risks being damaged by the presence of even small parts of yolk, plus fat. Take a dry container with high edges and add a pinch of salt to the egg whites, which facilitates the operation. To beat the egg whites we often use electric whips if we don't want to do it by hand, in any case it is necessary to proceed with one progressively higher and higher speed and without any interruption.

As we increase the speed we must check that the density will be the optimal one when the egg whites by tilting the container the mixture remains firm and will not run. When we have to mix this fluffy but consistent foam with other ingredients, it is best to do it gradually, mixing gently with a wooden spoon, From the bottom to the top so as not to deflate the preparation.

How to separate the egg white from the yolk

Now is the time to learn how to separate the yolk as well from egg white Suddenly. There are several tricks to use, my favorite is the one in which the egg shell itself is used to prepare its two parts.
Let's put the eggs in the fridge first because they are at room temperature the egg white is more liquid, therefore more difficult to "separate". We take an egg and break it so as to obtain that the shell is divided in half along its largest diameter to have two approximately equal parts in the hands.

To avoid making a mess it is better to crack the egg shell, ptap it on the edge of a bowl and then encouraging the breakup gently and getting ready for the next move. Let's try not to crumble the shell, take one half with one hand and the other with the other hand, slowly separating them until they are completely detached. By holding the egg at an angle, the yolk should fall into the lower half of the shell and a little egg white should already flow into our bowl. Gently pass the yolk into the other half of the shell without breaking it and repeat the movement about three times. Each time a little bit of egg white will drip below and the yolk will remain isolated and all the egg white that can be obtained, we will have collected it underneath.

Pasteurized egg white

Raw egg white is not very digestible and is preferred cook it because this process, by coagulating proteins, facilitates the action of digestive enzymes. Both cooking and pasteurization of eggs are an important process to remove the danger of infections, especially salmonellosis. In the egg white there are proteins with antiseptic action, such as lysozyme, whose bactericidal function fades as the egg ages.

How to store egg white

When the properties of theegg white, we often find ourselves throwing it away while using the yolk for some tasty recipe. Let's keep it because we can make good use of it, as we have seen. To do this in complete safety it is important not to forget some valuable information. In the refrigerator, egg whites can only be stored for a short period of time but in the freezer can last up to a couple of months. Let's put them in a clean container and then seal it with a tight-fitting lid so that no air gets in. We somehow mark the freeze start date so as not to age it beyond the suggested term. An original idea, which may seem whimsical but is exceptionally convenient, is to use a ice box useful for obtaining egg white cubes.

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