Portulaca Grandiflora, cultivation and info

Portulaca Grandiflora, cultivation and info

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Thereportulaca grandiflorais a flowering plant of the familyPortulacaceae, is originally from Argentina, southern Brazil and Uruguay. It is often grown in gardens as an ornamental plant and is also very popular in Italy.

Thereportulaca grandifloraIt is a fast growing annual that features fleshy leaves and rich flowering with five-petaled flowers about 3cm in diameter. The coloring of the flowers ofportulaca grandiflorait can vary a lot, there are red, orange, pink, white and yellow purslane.

Ornamental purslane vs spontaneous purslane

Italian gardeners and gardeners have a controversial relationship with the genuspurslane: of this genus there are approximately 140 species, 40 of which are spontaneous and among these there are several plants weeds.

Purslane oleracea is a spontaneous herb, it is considered one weed but also a food resource. While many growers go to weed this "purslane weed", on the other hand, there is no shortage of gardeners who grow it in pots to take advantage of its beneficial properties and culinary uses.

Thereportulaca grandiflora it has nothing to do with the species p. oleracea, is oneornamental plantcultivated and loved for its beautiful and colorful flowers.

Portulaca grandiflora: plant

The cultivation of theportulaca grandiflorait is widespread in South Asia and the Balkans. In Bangladesh theportulaca grandiflorawas renamedtime fuul, which literally means "the time of flowers". The nickname is linked to its characteristic: it would seem that in certain latitudes this plant is able to bloom at a certain time.

For this same theory, theportulaca grandiflorais called "nau bajiya" in India (the flower of 9.00) because in the geographical area of ​​India, the portulaca grandiflorait blooms in the morning around 9. Always talking about its ownflowering, in Vietnam it is nicknamed"Hao Muoi gio"which means the flower of 10.

Other names are related to its resistance: it is known as the pink of the rocksbecause it manages toto flourisheven in arid and rocky areas.

Flower and leaves

Thereportulaca grandiflorait's aannual plant: it has a rapid growth and reaches an average height of 30 cm. Its flowers are different according to the variety. The leaves are fleshy and for this reason it is considered onesucculent plant.

The leaves are up to 2.5 cm long. The flowers are 2.5 - 3 cm in diameter and have five petals. The flowers are red, pink, orange, white, cream or yellow.

As stated, there is no shortage of varieties and hybrids obtained from nurseries to enhance the beauty of the purslane flower.

Thereportulaca grandiflorait is a perfect flower for bird lovers: its buds are loved by small birds such as the classic house sparrow.

How to grow purslane grandiflora in pots or in the garden

This plant is very rustic, so it requires no detailscare.

Who decides tocultivate purslane grandiflorawill have to prepare a well-drained soil. The plant does not tolerate water stagnation.

Attention also to the exhibition: theportulaca grandiflorawants a very bright area, or with full sun exposure.

He is not inclined to contract anydiseaseand, like its weed cousin, thep.grandiflorait spreads easily.

It can propagate spontaneously even when grown in pots: it tends to occupy all the land at its disposal.

Who wantsgrow purslane grandiflora in potsyou will have to choose a larger planter just to allow the plant to multiply.

For thecultivation in the garden, you can consider setting up a rock garden or a flower bed full of stones. Purslane grows well at the edge of sidewalks, paths or the main entrance.

Portulaca grandiflora: seeds

THE portulaca grandiflora seeds they are often sold in blends of different cultivars so as to offer the possibility of setting up flower beds with mixed but harmonious colors.

There are also double flowering seed mixes that contain early varieties and late varieties so that more blooms can be obtained throughout the year.

Where to buy purslane grandiflora seeds?The seeds are easy to find. You can contact your trusted agricultural consortium or take advantage of online trading.

On Amazon there is no shortage of careful selections of double-flowered varieties (like the one shown in the photo above) and simple photo varieties (as shown in the first two images of the page).

The photo above shows a bicolor P. grandiflora. In the second photo, a classic P. grandiflora, as it grows spontaneously in its natural habitat. The last photo shows a double flower selection.

To take a look at the varieties available, you can consult the "official Amazon page" dedicated to this plant.

Portulaca grandiflora: sowing

As stated, on the market there are different cultivars selected for flowers with double (and more numerous) petals and multicolored colors. In Italy it is possiblecultivate purslane grandiflorawithout too much effort because it adapts well to our temperate climate.

When to sow purslane? In Southern Italy, sowing can be carried out as early as March. We have to wait for late spring if you live in the North. To germinate, the seeds need mild temperatures. It's possiblesow purslane grandiflorafrom February if sowing is carried out in a protected seedbed (in pots, indoors, in a bright place).

  • Those who live in central-northern and northern Italy will have to devote more care to the plant.
  • It needs a sunny exposure and lots of light.
  • It loves well-drained soils and can be propagated very easily.

If you have a friend with a purslane, you can take advantage of it for multiplication by cuttings. Starting purslane cultivation with propagation by cuttings is simple. The portulaca cutting is done by burying a stem of about 5-10 centimeters in soft and fertile soil. Wait a few weeks for the development of the root system before moving to the permanent home.

For more information on purslane cultivation, I refer you to the articlePurslane from Balcony.

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