Cleaning of photovoltaic panels, practical advice

Cleaning of photovoltaic panels, practical advice

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Cleaning the solar panels: every when to clean the photovoltaic system. Possibility to proceed with the do-it-yourself or cost of the service offered by specialized companies. Advice on tools to use and ready-to-use kits.

Yes, guys! THEphotovoltaic panels must be cleanedand also periodically. In theory, the rain should take care of cleaning our system but in reality this does not happen.

On this page we will give you some tips on cleaning of photovoltaic panels: DIY equipment, cost of hiring to rely on companies and useful advice that can make a difference.

Why is it necessary to wash the solar panels

Statistics suggest that the lack ofcleaning of photovoltaic panelsit can cause a loss of efficiency of 15-30% and can even shorten the life cycle of the entire plant.

Automatic systems for the cleaning of photovoltaic panels (Robot for cleaning solar panels) are practical to use but require an initial investment that those who own "only" a littlehome installationdoes not want to face.

So, if irobotfor thecleaning of solar systemscan be convenient for companies, a private individual who wants to try their hand at the work ofordinary maintenanceof the plant, you can count on our advice!

How often do solar panels need to be cleaned?

Therecleaning of a photovoltaic systemis part of ordinary maintenance works and the frequency depends above all on the location of the system and the needs indicated inmanufacturer's warranty. The frequency increases for:

  • photovoltaic systems installed near a marine area (due to the presence of sand, resin, salts…).
  • Solar systems installed near trees (due to the presence of debris, foliage, resins and other arboreal substances).
  • Photovoltaic systems installed close to an industrial area (due to the presence of soot and residues of various kinds).
  • Solar systems installed near the chimney of a fireplace / stove (due to the presence of soot).
  • Solar systems placed in windy areas (they carry debris, dust, dirt ...).
  • The plants that, for some obscure reason, become the deposit of bird droppings.

Another factor to evaluate to understand how often to clean the solar panelslies in the frequency of the rains.

Thesolar systemsmodern are designed to last over 30 years but only if properly maintained and controlled.

A rain may be enough to sweep away dust and debris, but it becomes more difficult when thepanelit is subject to encrustations, foliage deposits or worse still, water stains that over time can permanently damage the glass. Yes, the surface of the solar panels should be treated and cleaned as if it were the glass of your favorite window.

Another problem to be faced is the location of the system: solar for residential use uses the roof surface to produce energy, therefore thephotovoltaic modules to be cleanedbecome difficult to reach. To facilitate thedo-it-yourself cleaning of the photovoltaic system, on the market there are kits for washing solar panels that use demineralized water and / or specific or very delicate cleaning products.

Demineralized water is commonly used to set up freshwater aquariums, to load the iron or the aroma diffuser. The demineralized water is produced by the air conditioning systems, however, only a few people convey it to tanks to recover it. Such a pity!

How much does it cost to have a photovoltaic system washed by a specialized company

Those who want to rely on specialized companies only have to lose their minds because the price gap requested is a lot!

We have contacted several installers and specialized cleaning companies, who deal withcleaning of solar panels. The average cost ranges from 40 euro cents to 2.00 euro for each square meter of surface.

Unfortunately, for the cleaning of a photovoltaic systemresidential (located on the roof of the house) you get to ask between 15 and 40 euros for each square meter of surface to "cover" the costs necessary for the use of the lift or a tool called "mechanical arm" for less accessible systems.

Do it yourself photovoltaic panels cleaning

Those who rely on DIY should act early in the morning. The early morning hours are perfect forwash the solar panels: the dew deposited on the panels during the night can help to “soften” the dirt. A solar system placed in a favorable position should be washed a couple of times a year.

To provide forclean the photovoltaic systemindependently, it is necessary to have equipment available to allow DIY. On the market there is no shortagekit for cleaning solar panelscomposed of telescopic brushes, roller brushes and specific detergents for glass surfaces. Yes, in theory, a photovoltaic cleaner would not be needed, it would be enough to use any soap for glass or shiny surfaces ... the only drawback is that these soaps are too aggressive and tend to leave residues that, when drying, could leave chemical deposits. To overcome this problem, if you use a household cleaner, remember to rinse thoroughly.

Alternatively, there are detergents on the market that do not require rinsing because they are free of persistent active substances. Among the various products we point out theSpecific detergent for DeterSolar photovoltaic panels. Just remember to use it very sparingly: it is a very concentrated detergent that must be diluted in water in a ratio of 1:10. In reality, you can be even more sparing and dilute the product further for a more gentle cleansing.

You can find solar panel cleaners at the same installers or using Amazon, the aforementioned product can be bought for 16 euros with free shipping. For the product data sheet and to consult all the info, I refer you to the Amazon page:

Regardless of the product you choose, make sure it leaves no residue and therefore does not need to be rinsed.

Kit for cleaning solar panels

Still from a do-it-yourself perspective, we recommend a good brush for the cleaning of photovoltaic systems to be able to buy online, to see all the features, also this time, we refer you to the useful links of the official Amazon page.

The mop in question extends up to 260 cm so you must also have a ladder, the photovoltaic cleaning kit can be bought with 61 euros and free shipping.

If you want to do everything comfortably from the ground and want aprofessional cleaning kityou should be willing to spend more money.

Among the professional kits on the market we point out the telescopic pole that can be extended up to 6 meters. The auction ends with a scrub brush that integrates two jets of water. The kit includes a flexible hose to be connected to the water. This professional type kit can be purchased for € 259.99 (free shipping). It is true, it is a good investment but it could definitively solve the problem ofsystem cleaningallowing you to act from the ground.

It is expensive and it is not even without defects: the telescopic rod does not include tilting mechanisms and therefore also here you need a ladder but you will have a range of action, when stationary, of 6 meters.

You may also find cheaper telescopic handles but if they aren't sturdy, when a handle stretches a lot it always tends to break. For this reason we advise you to focus on a high quality material such as aluminum and certainly not plastic.

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