Non-profit, what they are and how they work

Non-profit, what they are and how they work

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There is a lot of controversy around non-profit organizations but it is not what we want to deal with here. The idea is to tell what characteristics non-profit organizations have and how they are managed because many of them also deal with environmental problems. If we want to help them, maybe with donations, it is good to know how they work and why they are called that. We will then be freer to decide what to do and more aware of what we are doing with the intent of help the environment.

Non profit: what they are

The idea behind non-profit organizations and entities may seem utopian but their existence, I dare say their proliferation, shows us that it is real. There are some people who want to investing energy and time to achieve socially useful goals, without gaining anything. The term non-profit is very clear, it immediately clarifies that there is no profit for those who work in these entities that exist and are also on the rise.

In recent years there has been an acceleration, in Italy, and it has come to a real one third sector reform because these many realities have changed their logic, balance and potential. A truly exhaustive definition of these realities can be said to not exist, because they have characteristics that are difficult to describe and not always perfectly homogeneous. They are all part of the Third sector, this means that they do not act in the market and are not even state-owned, but they are in the middle.

The non-profit term has Anglo-American origin and derives from the union of"Not" with the name "profit" and he tells us that these organizations committed to objectives often linked to the common good do not profit and do not act for profit. Here it is necessary to clarify why this definition could lead to think that an association to be a non-profit does not have to generate money. It is not so. It can produce an asset like any company but the big difference is that its members don't make money because of that active is not distributed among them.

The earnings remain with the entity that usually reinvests them to continue to plead their cause. The cause usually involves slices of population in difficulty, animals to save, environmental emergencies but not only. There are also many non-profit organizations in the cultural, scientific, welfare and research fields.

Non-profit: types

In this great category of associations, as we have said and how we can experience ourselves if and if we know a little, there are realities of all sizes and with different peculiarities. From a fiscal point of view we can divide them in non-profit organization, non-commercial entity and commercial entity. Non-profit organizations belong to the third category, therefore they are not for profit, but mainly carry out a commercial activity. Non-commercial activities it goes without saying that they do not deal exclusively or predominantly with a commercial activity. The onlus? Non-profit organizations have a special tax qualification and must show that they have certain legal requirements.

Let's change our point of view and think in legal terms. In this case we have entities no profit organized as

  • recognized associations;
  • social promotion associations;
  • amateur sports associations;
  • unrecognized associations;
  • foundations;
  • committees;
  • voluntary organizations;
  • Onlus;
  • social enterprises;
  • social cooperatives;
  • non-governmental organizations.

In common all these realities have the fact that they do not act never for profit, but otherwise they can field very different activities.

Non profit: how they work

Non-profit organizations work because there are those who make them work, I would say, because behind these real utopias there are people in flesh and blood like us who work there. It is not always easy to find some because in fact most of us are busy working to pull the end of the month and do not have all the time to do much else except maybe on the weekend, one evening a week, but certainly not as a job. While being able to do commercial activities, often the nonprofits have less way to pay their resources, this can cause a drop in applications for open positions.

This problem has led non-profits to strive to be able to continue to carry out their projects. Many are therefore those who have focused on the organization of training courses for high school graduates, graduates, non-profit managers, operators and volunteers. It is an effective way to concretely understand what non-profit means, what sense does it have that these realities exist and the importance they have.If we look at Italy, very often they make up for the strong lack of the State and support people we have forgotten in some niche of our head and our heart.

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