Grapefruit seed extract and other natural antimicrobials

Grapefruit seed extract and other natural antimicrobials

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The properties of grapefruit are often praised but only about twenty years ago were specifically discovered those of'Grapefruit seed extract. From that moment on we began to consider it among the most effective natural antimicrobials. Today it is often used in organic farming. Let's get to know its potential, also specifying what it means in general to be an antimicrobial.

Grapefruit seed extract: characteristics

This substance is obtained directly from grapefruit seed and acts as broad spectrum antimicrobial. It has no toxic effects and we can also find it in herbalists in different formats: in convenient capsules or diluted in vegetable glycerin, in liquid form. The ideal antimicrobial must have some specific characteristics to really work and the extract of grapefruit seeds has them all.

  • It is powerful and effective
  • It is not toxic
  • It does not damage or strain the immune system
  • It is broad spectrum
  • It does not disturb the bacterial flora in any way
  • It is hypoallergenic and compatible with drugs or other treatments that it never interferes with
  • It is biodegradable
  • It is natural as it is directly obtained from seeds, therefore from botanical substances naturally present in grapefruit, to which only vegetable glycerin is added

To all these interesting features we must add two, much more down to earth but important. This extract does not cost much, we can buy it at a reasonable price whereas then it must be used drop by drop and that it keeps for a long time. It has also been tested by several laboratories and tens of thousands of doctors prescribe it regularly.

Grapefruit seed extract: what it is for

This substance extracted from grapefruit seeds since its characteristics have been discovered, it has become a precious natural remedy. Those who use it know this and now we are all going to discover the many areas in which it is effective. It acts on different levels, purifies our body and helps us to have a high level of health if we adopt a healthy diet and exercise.

Depending on whether you take it internally or externally, it can have different effects. Externally it is used to cure genital tract infections, allergies and herpes mouth or even canker sores, sore throat and tonsillitis, bad breath and parasitosis. It can also be applied to the skin to heal acne and make pimples and skin blemishes disappear. It is an excellent anti-dandruff and cure warts and skin fungi, eczema and insect bites.

Internally it serves in case of chronic inflammation related to a weakened state of the immune system or colds, such as colds and flu. It can also be helpful if we get gastro-intestinal infections to relieve classic symptoms: diarrhea, stomach pains, nausea and vomiting. If we are about to leave for exotic countries where it is easy to be seized by a bout of dysentery, perhaps even just linked to the heat, grapefruit seed extract is very useful. If the level of hygiene protects us from gastritis and ulcers and also from fungal infections such as candida.

Given this disinfectant property, we can use it to clean various kitchen utensils, once in a while, baby bottles, toothbrushes. If we are on an adventurous journey it may be worth using it to disinfect fruit and vegetables.

Natural antimicrobials: what they are

So far we have taken for granted what are antimicrobials but the time has come to better understand what substances we call by this name. They can be natural, like the extract of our seeds, or even synthetic, and their main function is to exterminate microorganisms or to stop its growth. There are many types and not all of them act in the same way and with the same firepower. It depends a lot on their concentration in the substrate and on its type, on the temperature, pH, the humidity and the presence of oxygen, as well as obviously on the enemy that every time they have to destroy.

Depending on the way they act and the microorganism we trigger them against, antimicrobials are divided into categories and are called bactericides, fungicides and virocides. These three are of those that kill, then there are the substances that simply inhibit growth and are respectively called bacteriostatic, fungistatic and virostatic. There are other ways to divide and define this kind of substances, for example we can also divide them into antiseptics and disinfectants depending on how we can use them on our tissues.

In nature, as we have seen for grapefruit seeds, we know that there are substances with these properties, sometimes they are produced by some microorganisms that have to eliminate microorganisms of different species.

In the medical field they are mainly used in the case of infections, both to fight them and to prevent them. We then find specific uses that the doctor knows how to indicate when prescribing them from time to time. Grapefruit seed extract, as well as other natural antimicrobials, are also used in agriculture, especially in organic farming.

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