Snail slime serum: what it is and how to use it

Snail slime serum: what it is and how to use it

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The snail slime serum is one of the most popular new cosmetic products thanks to its beneficial properties for the skin.

What is snail slime serum

Snail slime serum is obtained from the natural secretion that snails use to ensure better interaction with the external environment, in particular to facilitate movement on the ground.

The secretion in fact allows the snails to "slide" more easily on the ground without the risk of damaging their skin which remains lubricated and toned.

Benefits of snail slime serum

Similarly to what happens in nature, snail slime serum is used to revitalize and moisturize the skin and to give it greater radiance.

Snail slime serum is also effective for reducing stretch marks and wrinkles and to help fight cellulite blemishes.

Difference between serum and snail slime cream

The snail slime serum has a more liquid consistency than the cream as it does not contain the fatty substances typical of products with emollient textures such as creams.

The serum contains a higher concentration of active ingredients than the cream, in particular as regards antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid.

The advantage is faster and deeper absorption into the skin with visible results in shorter times.

The snail slime serum can also be used in synergy with the cream, taking care to apply it a few minutes before the cream and without massaging the skin.

The serum can therefore be applied both in the morning, before applying the face cream and before going to sleep for an excellent regenerating and anti-aging treatment.

Snail slime serum: how to use it

As I mentioned earlier, the snail slime serum can be used both in the morning and in the evening and should not be applied with a massage, unlike the cream.

Being very concentrated you will have to apply a smaller amount than a cream needs.

It will be sufficient to distribute the serum on the skin with circular movements and with minimal pressure from the inside to the outside of the face or other areas to be treated such as the neck and décolleté.

Best snail slime serum

When a cosmetic product finds great market success due to its effectiveness, many cosmetic manufacturers try to immediately offer something that can satisfy the demand and that “can be called by the same name”.

A similar phenomenon happened for snail slime cosmetics. For this reason, a wise and aware consumer must always remember to always check the ingredients of each product and the concentrations of active ingredients.

Among the best products, I point out the Nuvò Cosmetic snail slime serum which contains 80% snail slime and is enriched with allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid and other natural proteins.

Nuvò Cosmetic products are also certified to guarantee efficacy and tolerability. Specifically, the snail slime serum has passed the following tests:

  • Nickel test, to verify that the amount of nickel inside the product is less than 1ppm (one part per million).
  • Dermatological test to ensure that the product is perfectly tolerated and does not cause inflammation
  • In vitro antioxidant test, to verify the effectiveness of the antioxidant action of the product

Our most loyal readers know well how much we care about the importance of using only cosmetics that contain raw materials not tested on animals, and Nuvò Cosmetic is one of the companies that offer products that have not required animal tests.

The snail slime is in fact extracted with a completely manual method, without the use of machinery or saline solutions. The snail is not damaged in any way and once the extraction cycle is completed, the snails are brought back to the farm.

The Nuvò Cosmetic snail farms are located in the hills of Lake Garda, far from the smog and in an ideal natural habitat to ensure the well-being of the snails.

Snail slime serum: contraindications

Snail slime serum has no contraindications.

At what age can a snail slime serum be used

The snail slime serum it can be used both for a preventive action, usually before the age of 40, so as to ward off skin aging and keep the skin toned and luminous, and after the age of 40, to mitigate the first damage suffered by the skin.

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