Electric hair, here's how to avoid it

Electric hair, here's how to avoid it

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THE electric hair they represent a feared enemy on the part of many women who, especially in particularly humid climates, find themselves faced with the need to keep electricity and frizz at bay.

But how avoid electric hair? How can we try to prevent and treat apparently indomitable hair?

Below we wanted to summarize the main tips that you may choose to adopt!

Limit the use of shampoo

Hair needs natural oils of the scalp to reduce frizz and electric effect. So if frizz is a problem, try to reduce the use of shampoo as little as possible. Depending on your lifestyle and the type of hair you have, this could mean applying the shampoo once every 3 days, or once a week, and for some hair types even once a month.

Use conditioner

Once you have finished shampooing, try to remove excess moisture from the hair (but without squeezing it) and, therefore, work on balm, from root to tip. Leave the conditioner on application for at least two minutes before rinsing off. Using a deep conditioner once a week can be an important help in combating frizz.

Avoid terry towels

Avoid wringing or scrubbing your hair with a towel, because this creates friction, breaks and split ends. Instead, try to gently remove most of the water with your fingers while you are still in the shower.

The key when using any towel is to turn your head upside down and use microfiber towels, which not only reduce frizz but also speed up drying times. Microfiber is a super absorbent fabric that absorbs excess water and - above all - does not damage the cuticle, but smoothes it, reducing frizz.

Comb your hair in the shower

The use of conditioner is obviously a must, but so is the distribution of the product. Therefore, distribute the conditioner in the shower to help your hair absorb more of the conditioner, as the water vapor from the shower will open the hair follicle. Comb your hair, separating it as you proceed with this process. Make sure you apply a lot of conditioner and work it with a wide-toothed comb.

Never use a brush

Avoid the brush. Instead, try to define your hairstyle with a wide-toothed or finger comb. In short, for best results, get a wide-toothed comb and comb your hair when wet. Conversely, brushing wet hair will break the hair.

Don't touch your hair

Don't touch your hair even if… it's inviting! The more you play with your hair and ruffle it throughout the day, the more electric effect you will get on it.

Use anti-humectant products

Anti-humectant products prevent the hair from absorbing moisture from the air. It is well known to all women who often experience the electricity of their hair that humidity causes extra volume of the hair, which as a consequence will seem larger.

Use an anti-electricity ointment

A ointment it is excellent for controlling frizz and also for repelling moisture - if you use the right product. Of course, remember to use these products very sparingly by emulsifying the hair pomade in the palms of your hands until it is barely present. Then it gently brushes the surface of the hair, pushing the loose hair back into its natural positions, where it should be. Keep working up to the tips for better definition.

Avoid stressors

Smoking, excessive ingestion of alcohol or caffeine (which are diuretics and have a dehydrating effect on the whole body), chemical treatments (including coloring and perming), and excessive consumption of processed foods can create or worsen hair that is frizzy and rich in electricity.

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Sleeping on a satin pillowcase

When you sleep, you naturally tend to toss and turn during the night. Well, every movement creates friction causing tangles, split ends and breaks. The satin pillowcases they reduce the friction that causes frizz, minimizing hair breakage and split ends. A satin pillowcase also makes it easier to maintain hairstyles.

So try to use satin whenever possible. Cotton and other materials dry the hair and, by dehydrating it, worsen the conditions of electricity.

Some people feel they prefer silk pillow cases instead. Silk is a natural fiber, and some actually believe that silk can provide benefits for hair and skin. In fact, it has a tendency to have small irregularities, which can cause friction. It is therefore advisable to use satin pillowcases whenever possible, considering that satin is a type of smooth finish that is more effective in reducing frizz.

Cut down on hot styling tools

The heat from styling tools, such as hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, and so on, can leave hair dry and damaged, which leads to more frizz. Also, hair tends to form even curls more easily when it dries naturally.

Therefore try to minimize the use of these tools for hot styling. However, if you feel you can't do without it, take care to first use a silicone-based serum to protect your hair from heat and control frizz.

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