Cashback arrives to save on electricity and gas

Cashback arrives to save on electricity and gas

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Also in Italy the formula cashback it begins to be more and more widespread and appreciated by consumers, ensuring interesting savings.

For the first time even in the utilities sector an offer with a cashback formula is available thanks to energyWorld, one of the several partners present within the circuit that offer Cashback and Shopping Points on electricity and gas supplies.

Let's find out more in our article.

What does cashback mean

The English term cashbackcan be translated into Italian with "money back”And refers to a form of incentive offered to consumers of a specific product or service that provides for the return of a credit after they have made a purchase.

The cashback purchase formula is often associated with the use of a special card, portal or App that give you the right to access certain agreements.

By using the card for your purchases you get a credit on your account that can be collected annually or monthly or can be spent on other products or services offered by affiliated merchants.

For example, by purchasing a product in a partner shop worth 100 Euros, you can get 2 Euros of cashback that can be used for future purchases in the same shop or in other partner shops.

EnergyWorld cashback to save on electricity and gas

With a completely similar mechanism, energyWorld, under the motto "the Energy of Cashback”Offers the reimbursement of a percentage of the value of electricity and gas consumption on each bill, allowing us to save on recurring costs that we would incur in any case.

The energyWorld offer is possible thanks to the collaboration between AGSM Energy is myWorld Italy.

Who is AGSM Energia

AGSM Energy is the commercial company of the AGSM Group that launched energyWorld and is a leading multi-utility present in over 5,600 municipalities in Italy with over 470,000 active supply points.

It operates in the sectors of the sale of electricity, natural gas and district heating and is aimed at family customers, businesses, institutions and public administration and wholesalers.

The AGSM Group was born in 1898 with the production of hydroelectric energy and subsequently expanded its activities in the area of ​​natural gas production and distribution, with cogeneration for district heating and production from renewable sources.

Who is myWorld Italia

myWorld Italy is part of a large group of companies, consolidated and present in numerous markets globally called myWorld International with over 1,500 employees worldwide, 14 million members and 140,000 companies within its own shopping community, called Cashback World.

In Italy the circuit includes 30,000 companies and almost 2 million registered users.

The goal of myWorld is to create an advantageous environment for both consumers and businesses that takes advantage of the Cashback mechanism and Loyalty Programs, suitable for responding to the needs of companies, regardless of their size and sector.

With Cashback World, the consumer can achieve savings on a wide category of products and services, realizing valuable savings; for each purchase in one of the companies in the circuit, the cashback is revised from 1% to 5%, depending on the product categories and partners.

The Green energy of energy World

In addition to the economic savings achievable thanks to the cashback mechanism, it is important for us to note that among the energyWorld proposals for the consumption of individuals and companies, there is also “Green” energy.

In this offer the energy is produced 100% by renewable source plants (GO certified), the use of which contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.

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