Raised garden, all the tips

Raised garden, all the tips

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Raised garden,all the tips on how to do it by yourself or using ready-to-use bins. What to grow in the raised garden and how to organize it on the terrace too.

Horticulturists are always on the hunt for new strategies to perfect the cultivation of the vegetable garden domestic. In this context it is possible to exploit the advantagesofraised garden, a patch of land raised on the ground level. Thanks to the "raised ground" it is possible to grow vegetables even on land that would otherwise not be productive (stony, arid, excessively clayey ...).

Araised gardenit is particularly suitable both in summer, offering greater protection against parasites, and in winter, protecting the crop from the cold and ensuring better light exposure.

Raised garden, what is it

In practical terms it is a plot of land raised above the ground level.

According to experts, with araised gardenit is possible to double the productivity of our crops. The increased productivity ofraised gardenseems to be mainly due to three advantages.

The terrain

What changes between the soil of the classichome gardenand that ofraised garden? In theraised gardenthe soil is more fertile because it is structurally more porous because it is not trodden on. This structural difference facilitates the growth of the roots so as to be able to carry out a more profitable sowing.

The raised garden soil can be obtained from a mixture of garden soil, fertile soil and mature manure.

The light

Since it is grown on a plot of land raised above the ground, the plants receive more light and this is especially important in winter, when the hours of light are few.

The temperature

As it is raised above the ground, the patch of soil heats up more quickly so as to make both germination and growth easier.

Raised garden, advantages

There are also othersadvantages. L'raised gardenit can also be built on a terrace or on concrete floors. As? in this case the rise of the ground should be at least 40 cm in order to allow the radical development of horticultural crops. Not only that, in case ofraised garden on the terraceyou will have to add, at the bottom of thecaisson, a thin layer of expanded clay and make the soil well draining. In this case, use a light and fertile soil.

Others advantages:

  • Allows you to make the most of the space available.
  • It makes it easier to fight weeds.
  • It requires less maintenance than a conventional vegetable garden.
  • It allows a more orderly distribution of the land.
  • Improves the drainage capabilities of the soil.
  • It can be adapted to any type of space.
  • It can easily be transformed into a kind of greenhouse.

Not to be overlooked: gardeners can carry out targeted interventions on certain plants, as thevegetable gardenwill be divided into crops well distributed. Each flowerbed will have its own plants and will be able to receive targeted treatments starting from the quality of the soil.

If necessary, araised garden, it is covered more easily: just attach the non-woven fabric to the patch of ground or the wooden box.

L'raised gardencan be set up in the open field but also in the garden, the flower beds can be separated from the turf thanks to the use of stones or wooden boxes built for the need. There is no shortage of ready-to-use drawers and containers in technical fabric on the market.

Boxes for raised vegetable garden

The photo below shows thecaissonsfor sale to create a raised vegetable garden ready for use.

These caissons they are very decorative. There are plastic or wooden caissons. The one pictured above is waterproofed wood, so as to have a more natural look.

I don't know what the seller had in mind when he took such a picture but… the box must be filled almost completely because placed in that way the plants would not have enough light!

If you buyboxes for raised gardens, be sure to fill them with fertile soil up to the vegetable garden, erosion phenomena will then slightly lower the soil level.

Thecaissonpresent in the photo above measures 120 x 120 cm. It has 9 separate boxes that can be treated as small single raised beds. The box is offered on Amazon at a price of 50.50 euros, with free shipping and, for more photos and information, I refer you to "this Amazon address".

THEboxes for raised gardensyou can also buy them at the most well-stocked Garden centers and, again on Amazon, there are also much cheaper models (20 - 30 euros).

Raised garden do it yourself

If you prefer to DIY wooden caissons or brick borders, you can read the instructions seen inhow to build a raised vegetable garden, if you want to deepen the species of plants to be included, deepen the Systematic botany

Photo of raised gardens

To get useful ideas and see some beautiful creations, I refer you to ours photogallery dedicated to raised gardens.

Video: Common Raised Garden Bed Mistakes To Avoid (June 2022).


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