How to disinfect the home from the Coronavirus

How to disinfect the home from the Coronavirus

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Like fish in an aquarium, today we are in our home 24 hours a day, or almost, if we are not among those who can / must work on site. It is our refuge, in the true sense of the word, in which to protect yourself from the risk of infection, and it is precisely for this reason that we must be clear how to disinfect the house from Coronavirus. Don't imagine having to overturn everything, empty the furniture and overturn armchairs and tables, we are not looking for a bug, but it is important to do a deep and frequent cleaning of the environment in which we live. It would be a general rule for our health, but today it is necessary to follow it with the utmost rigor without getting caught up in laziness.

In addition to always washing our hands, especially when we return after shopping and if we touch some object "that comes from outside", and to take off our clothes immediately without spreading them around the house, we must ensure that in our rooms there is a high level of hygiene.

What to disinfect at home for Coronavirus

When we fight against the dust, we know that there are some points that are more hostile than others, the ones we need to watch more carefully. This time, to defend ourselves from the Coronavirus, we don't have precise references and we have to clean everything, increasing the care and frequency with which we do it. We are not inventing strange or alternative cleaning practices, it is simply about putting an edge if already our home hygiene it was at least acceptable. Floors and flat surfaces are to be passed well, especially those in the bathroom and kitchen, but also in the living room, sofa and armchairs including that they are to be banged every now and then with vigor, as if we were slapping the virus in person.

Particular attention should be paid to how to sanitize the handles because, as the name suggests, they are exactly where we all rest our hands. A word for the windows: they can be cleaned but also to be kept open without fear. The CoronaVirus does not fly like a bee or a wasp, and if we do not ventilate the rooms, bacteria, dirt and any viruses will stagnate. It's spring outside, let's get it into our homes at least a little!

Ventilate it is considered an effective strategy to defend against the virus that is transmitted through the "droplets" caused by a stranger or a cough and can be deposited anywhere. If we are, they dry up and stop being dangerous.

How to disinfect the house from Coronavirus: what to use

When cleaning, first of all it is necessary protect us and wash your hands at the end because we have most likely touched objects or surfaces at risk of contagion. The floor of the entrance, furrowed by the soles of shoes, the door handle, touched by us to enter, and so on. We therefore wear gloves to be able to move freely and serenely.

At this point let's arm ourselves to proceed in the best way, choosing which products to use. Those like the Napisan they are fine and let's not use them by the liter as if it could make us invulnerable, the right dose is perfect and never mix them with others, we could alternate their action.

Alternatively we can also try our hand at the preparation of a do it yourself disinfectant, following and directions from the World Health Organization. Depending on what we need to clean, we do not reject the idea of ​​simply using soap and water, or even theethyl alcohol 75% and sodium hypochlorite 0.5 to pass the objects we hold in our hands.

In order not to do damage with the intent of disinfecting the home from Coronavirus, it is better to use it spray in order to dose it better. We can spray it directly on the surface to be cleaned or on our rag. For curtains and sofa covers and bedspreads, and pillow cases, we use the usual detergents, the important thing is that we wash them more often than before.

To disinfect, the best product is the Bialcol, also known as Bialcol Med, and not the "normal" alcohol that we find in stores since it does not necessarily have to be at optimal concentrations and is bacteriostatic, not bactericidal. The Bialcol should be applied only after having given a pass with soap and water.

How to disinfect the home from Coronavirus: tips

The devil is hiding in the details, and the coronavirus too, so let's not get caught by surprise and act early. This means being very careful about two issues, shoes and mobile phone.

The shoes they must be removed as soon as you enter the house, it is better if we create a corner for "changing shoes" which also serves as a reminder for this for some new habit. It may stay in the future too, because it is advisable not to walk around the rooms with the sole that has trampled on "everything". The virus does not stick to the sole of the shoes, mind you, but this gesture helps to have a greater general cleanliness.

The is toomobile phone an object to look after, because we always have it in our hands, we touch it both when we are away and when we are at home, it can be a transmission vehicle. We can pass it with 70% ethyl alcohol or alternatively a glass cleaner. If we often work on the PC, we also extend this practice to the keyboard.

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