Dubai Solar School: Daniele Pescara's new investment

Dubai it is the reality of the United Arab Emirates that decided to invest more decisively in renewable energy and sustainable mobility, placing the green economy at the center of the growth strategy for the coming decades.

Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050

The already approved and rapidly implemented energy plan targets 2050 and foresees investments for 163.4 billion dollars dedicated to creating plants for the generation of clean energy, which must make up 75% of the total energy produced.

The two intermediate targets set to achieve this goal provide that clean energy will already make up 7% of the total energy produced by 2020 and that by 2030 the percentage will rise to 25%.

Dubai has also set itself the goal of becoming the city with the smallest ecological footprint in the world by 2050.

To achieve this goal, both individuals and companies will have to increase their energy efficiency by 40%.

Dubai Solar School

The "Dubai Solar School"Is one of the most important programs within the emirate's strategy as it is committed to financing projects related to energy efficiency through the use of plants that use the sun to generate energy.

The program also received the patronage of the Emir of Dubai Cultural Foundation (Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding).

The projects that Dubai Solar School is committed to supporting can be developed by all schools and universities in Dubai.

The installation of solar panels is promoted through the "solar lease" formula according to which a third party undertakes to finance 100% of the construction of the plant and its management and maintenance in exchange for the provision of space, especially in the form of roofs, where to install the plant for generation of solar energy.

The program also aims to create awareness of how sustainable energies will play an increasingly central role in our lives, also with regard to occupational professions and mobility.

About 50% of the professions available today will be replaced by new professions linked to the green economy.

Mobility will evolve by allowing travel on the territory only on vehicles powered by sustainable energy.

To encourage schools to participate in the la Dubai Solar School offers the free installation of a charging system for electric cars and to interested schools it offers electric cars customized with the name of the school, through a favorable form of leasing.

David Provenzani, architect and honorary professor at Amity University in Dubai and Eco-entrepreneur is the Managing Director of the Dubai Solar School project.

The Italian investors of the Dubai Solar School: Daniele Pescara and Falcon Advice

Among investors of Dubai Solar School, there is also the Falcon Advice, a company incorporated under the laws of the United Arab Emirates created by the entrepreneur Daniele Pescara, a financier from Veneto, who has decided to contribute to the project with a capital of 100,000 dollars.

We contacted Daniele to get more information on his decision to invest in the Dubai Solar School project and to find out more about the business world of Dubai and the opportunities available for Italian companies.

Here is our question and answer exchange with the Veneto financier:

Matteo Di Felice: Daniele, why did you decide to invest with your Falcon Advice in the Dubai Solar School project?

Daniele Pescara: Dubai Solar Schools is a real synthesis of my business: it is a project that combines ethics, culture and sustainability with decidedly consistent returns. The companies that invest in the project will have access to a turnkey service with 0% taxation.

Matteo Di Felice: Let's take a step back and tell us more about what you do with your company.

Daniele Pescara: Falcon Advice specializes in offering a complete assistance service to companies wishing to open an office in the United Arab Emirates, to which is added an advisory service in the field of financial investments which in the last 5 months have already reached a volume of 30 million of Euro.

Matteo Di Felice: What is the minimum investment required to rely on your services?

Daniele Pescara: Our services start at a fee of 20,000 euros and also include a selection of companies that must be referenced and solvent.

Matteo Di Felice: But why should an Italian company, especially if with products and services from the green sector, consider opening an office in Dubai?

Daniele Pescara: Most companies are obviously attracted by tax advantages but in reality there are other aspects to choose Dubai over one of the other tax havens: political stability, propensity to major investments, almost non-existent bureaucracy, cutting-edge infrastructure, absence of crime and multi-ethnic culture. Just think that the Ministry of Tolerance was established in Dubai to safeguard the coexistence of different cultures, religions, languages, traditions and foods.

The Green economy is at the heart of Dubai's development strategy and companies in this sector have truly remarkable business opportunities.

Matteo Di Felice: How can an interested Italian company contact you?

Daniele Pescara: You can visit our official website where you can read more information about our business and contact us via a special electronic form.

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