Quarter Horse: characteristics and character

Quarter Horse: characteristics and character

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There are a series of American horses that in Italy are less known than others but which deserve a nice description because they are animals with good character and particular features that it is curious and interesting to know. The Quarter Horse it is one of these and we are about to go and meet it, virtually, happy that even in Italy there are farms where you can see them in person and maybe even buy a specimen, if passionate.

Quarter Horse: origins

As we have already stated the Quarter Horse arrives in Italy and in Europe in general from overseas. This breed derives from crosses between mustangs, wild horses, and English thoroughbred specimens that in the nineteenth century were specially selected to work in contact with cattle, especially cows, and look after them. The name of the horse that is the protagonist today is simple to explain, it is so called because it is the fastest race in the "quarter mile", it goes without saying that over greater distances there are other horses that are much more responsive, first of all the English Thoroughbreds.

Quarter Horse: characteristics

Let's get to know immediately the appearance of these horses that we will describe while knowing that there is no breed standard to date, not because they do not deserve this step but because it would be impossible to achieve it since there is a lot of difference between a racing quarter, one for work and one for competition. So much depends on their intended use. Therefore, to choose a Quarter Horse it is very important to know and explain what type of horse we need.

For example, a racehorse does not have a short gallop and a low head so it would not be good for reining at all. analogies with the English Thoroughbred from which he inherited the rather small hooves, an unfortunate inheritance because these small dimensions can very likely lead to where to manage lameness, given the imposing size of the horse.

The Quarter Horse's head is small compared to the rest of the body and has a rather broad forehead but they do strike well expressive eyes and the ears are straight and small with very evident jaws. The neck is muscular and slightly arched while the withers are well defined, the chest is broad, the back is short, straight and muscular. We come to the rump which can also be muscular and double with one set of tail slightly low. The shoulder is sloping and quite long while the limbs are robust and equipped with wide and dry joints with shins equipped with tendons which are also very dry and detached. Gods feet we have already spoken, they are very small compared to the mass of the horse but at least they seem to be well shaped and strong.

Quarter Horse: colors

We have not forgotten the coat of this beautiful horse which in fact deserves a paragraph in itself. We can meet around the world of specimens of Quarter Horse of very different colors from each other. We find the bay with a reddish-brown coat and black mane and tail, the morello all completely black, the chestnut with a reddish or coppery red coat, tail and mane usually of the same color, sometimes blond. This type of horse so colorful in the Northwest of the Americas is called "sorrel".

We continue with the many shades of fur, we can also find animals gray color, which can go from iron gray (in younger subjects), to pure white (in older horses), or pommel gray in the intermediate phase. There are also Quarter Horses red roan that is, with a mixed, more or less uniform coat of white and red hair, usually darker on the head than on the legs. In this case, the horse can have a black, red or blond tail and mane. Let's move on to palomino who has a splendid golden blond coat associated with a white mane and tail and then there is theisabella known as Buckskin in Amercia, with a yellowish-golden coat, black mane and tail, and black carbonation on the legs.

Quarter Horse: character

This horse is equipped with a excellent character, so much so that the Americans who have selected and bred it define it as "good mind". What does it mean? Not only that he is good but also endowed with a lot of intelligence mixed with availability for training and learning. He definitely has a good character, his constancy and reliability are also highly appreciated, it is also good for beginners because he always shows very attentive to the commands of his rider and when you create the harmony, he becomes lively and playful

Quarter Horse: attitudes

This horse, with its physique athletic and massive, it is a very versatile animal, it can carry out the work of a herdsman but also reap many successes in numerous sports both American and English including attacks, jumping, and gallop over short distances. We also find it used with satisfaction in schools, for walks and even in hippotherapy being very docile and intelligent. When ridden by cowboys, we see it stand out in activities that require cow sense, but also in sports such as reining, western pleasure, barrel racing, ranch sorting, team penning, pole bending, cutting and roping.

Quarter Horse: breeding

There are not a few Italian farms where we can find specimens of Quarter Horse, we advise you to look for one near your area to be able to see this horse live. In the meantime, here are three references, one near Turin, the Azienda Agricola Gli Oleandri, in Riva Di Pinerolo, one in the province of Cuneo, in Fossano, the BB Quarter Horse, and then the one in Tuscany. In Fucecchio in the province of Florence, FL Performance and reining Horse.

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