How to pay the car tax

How to pay the car tax: pay the vehicle tax online or at a tobacconist's. From the calculation to the payment of the expired car tax.

The so-called "Car tax"Is a possession tax, it is a fee that, unlike insurance, must be paid regardless of the use of the vehicle, even if the car is under administrative detention or has always been locked in the garage, thecar taxis due!

The amount of car tax to be paid it is commensurate with the power of the car expressed in Kilowatts and the class to which it belongs in terms of polluting emissions (eg Euro 4, Euro 5, etc.) and the place of residence. It is possible to check the class to which your car belongs by reading the information on the vehicle registration document, the same check can be made on the engine power expressed in horsepower or kw.

The day of payment of the car tax it usually depends on when it was paid the previous year. The car tax in fact, it must be paid by the last day of the month consecutive to that of the expiry of the previous year's stamp duty. However, this rule varies in relation to the region of belonging and to avoid fines it is good to check the site of your region. Generally, if the car tax expires in April, the user has as a deadline for paying the car tax on 31 May. If thecar tax to be paid has expiredit will be necessary to apply arrears, while if it has expired for more than a year, it will not be enough to pay a fine, but a fine will have to be paid.

How to calculate the car tax

Pay the car tax it is very simple, first you will need to calculate how much the tax is, in this regard the service made available by the website of theRevenue Agency where, by entering your license plate and the type of vehicle (car, motorcycle or trailer), you can have all the information regarding the car in question: year of registration, expiry of the stamp duty and amount of the tax. It is of fundamental importance that the owner of the car is also the one who register the payment of the stamp.

For thecalculation of the stamp dutycar you will need one of these two data: vehicle registration number (calculation of car tax from license plate) or vehicle power(car tax calculation based on kW or horsepower). In both cases, you must access the Revenue Agency website and select the services made available by the portal:

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  • Car tax

From the right menu choose "Calculation of the road tax based on the license plate" and finally, scroll down the page and click on "Access the service".

Enter the license plate of your vehicle, enter the security code required by the system and click on the "Calculate Amount" button. Within a few moments, the Inland Revenue system will refund you the correct amount (including overdrafts or fines in the event of an expired car tax) to be paid online or at the tobacconist's.

How to pay car tax at the post office, at the ACI or at the tobacconist's

The car tax it can be paid at any post office, at car handling agencies, at the ACI or at a tobacconist's authorized for services Lottomatica paying a fixed commission of 1.87 euros.

To pay the car tax at the post office, at the tobacconist's, at the ACI offices or at the agencies that deal with automotive practices, it will be sufficient to bring the old car tax or vehicle registration document with you.

How to pay your car tax online

With the new telematic procedures it will be possible to pay the online car tax, comfortably from home through the services of Home Banking offered to customers of major banks in Italy and through the "Bulletin on Line”Of Poste Italiane which explains how to pay the car tax with a guided procedure and using any type of credit card, the BancoPosta account or the postepay card. Furthermore, it is possible to pay the car tax using the service available on the ACI website.

The online car tax payment made available to the Italian Automobile Club (on the ACI website) is only available for those residing in the regions of Italy listed here: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Liguria, Molise, Lombardy, Apulia, Tuscany, Umbria, Aosta Valley, Prov. Aut. Bolzano and Prov. Trento and Sicily.

Those residing in the regions of Piedmont, Sardinia or Veneto can take advantage of the online car tax paymentthrough the Internet banking service offered by most banks or the Italian Post Office. To be exempt from the car tax they are all the beneficiaries of law 104/92.


It is not possiblepay the car tax in advancebut it is necessary to wait for the deadline; for example: if your car tax is due in the month of April, you can only pay it from May 1st.

How to pay the expired car tax

Thecar tax paymentgoes into prescription after 3 years, how long have you not paid the car tax? If the vehicle tax expired four years ago and in the meantime you have not received any notification of payment, the amount to be paid is null. The prescription for payment lapses if you have received payment notifications from the Region or other creditors such as Equitalia.

It is possible to pay theexpired car taxpaying an amendment if the payment is made within one year of due date. The amendment varies according to the expiry of the payment term. In detail:

  • If the car tax has expired for more than 14 days, the repayment amounts to 0.1%.
  • If the car tax has expired exactly 15 days, the repayment is 1.4%.
  • If the car tax is paid from the 15th to the 30th day after its expiration, the repayment amounts to 1.5% of the amount due.
  • If the car tax has expired for one month and up to three months (from 30 to 90 days), the repayment to be paid amounts to 1.67% of the amount.
  • From 90 days of delay in paying the car tax up to one year, the repayment is 3.75%.

As stated, if you likepay an expired car taxfor more than a year, it has not been possible to pay a simple repentance because you will face a fine that amounts to 30% of the amount due and an interest of 0.5% due for every 6 months ofdelayaccumulated.