Crumpled City, indestructible tourist maps

Crumpled City, indestructible tourist maps

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Vacation time? The time has come to change your tourist attractions and renew yourself with the eco-maps! They are not necessary for sustainable tourism but can reveal great surprises by reporting unconventional places and above all, not covered by traditional ones. tourist cards. A completely Italian turning point, in fact the tourist maps were created by a young Italian boy, Emanuele Pizzolorusso who launched on the eco-maps indestructible and waterproof with very special reference points. Despite the success of GPS devices, many tourists prefer the use of maps which, unfortunately, are promptly thrown away at the end of the holiday because they are now completely ruined and unusable. To overcome this problem, the Crumpled City were born, eco-maps which weigh only 20 grams, made of an ultra-resistant material that does not crease even if the paper is crumpled to be placed in the pockets of jeans.

What distinguishes the Crumpled City from conventional tourist maps, it is not only the material but also the signaling of the so-called Soul Sights, these are the 10 places not conventional for mass tourism but equally noteworthy and capable of leaving the tourist speechless. The maps cost 12 euros each but it is possible to buy a collection box containing 5 Crumpled City at a price of 45 euros. 32 cities are available including Hamburg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Chicago, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Florence, HElsinki, Lisbon, Milan, New York, Wellington, Oslo, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Venice and can be purchased on the Palomar store.

There are also maps designed for children, tourist maps are not aimed exclusively at those who want to travel in an ethical way but, considering the destinations, they are rather aimed at a mass audience. Our advice remains to minimize waste and get away from home as little as possible, perhaps Crumpled City among the Soul Sight they will be able to reserve some nice surprises that are not revealed by the current GPS.

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