Residents at the service of the city thanks to smartphones

Residents at the service of the city thanks to smartphones

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Be the eyes and ears of your neighborhood, help other citizens and watch over public safety. It seems a utopian scenario but it is what happens in some neighborhoods of the world where the city assemblies are able to manage themselves and guarantee prompt interventions.

To help coordination between residents, in the Boston neighborhood, there is asmartphone application available for both Android that for iPhone OS. To be the eyes and ears of your neighborhood, just send a push notification, a tweet or a short text message in order to report a disservice, an inconvenience or even a robbery. The alert sent by the resident will mobilize all receiving citizens, the result? Excellent self-management of the entire city and excellent cooperation with qualified professionals.

Is called Citizen's Connect (311 in Boston), through this application the citizens have created a real assistance network "do-it-yourself”Where residents discuss traffic and even road maintenance. It is true, it is the responsibility of the authorities to listen to and protect citizens, but the efficiency of Citizen's Connect should not be underestimated. Concrete examples occur on a daily basis, for example, a garbage can ended up on the street and after a notification issued through a mobile device, after a short time a large group of residents gathered to remove the clutter from the street.

Not just city collaboration, when a resident reports a road hole or a major public disservice, the competent authorities are mobilized to create a team and execute the public request. Each report is distinguished by an identification code and it is possible to trace user reports to see how the problem has evolved; all this thanks to asmartphone application.

The application was particularly effective also for solving problems related to the snow emergency. A user, a citizen of Boston, expressed his appreciation by stating "It is nice to know that you can deal with all the inconveniences of the city with such ease -and goes on, I also used photographic reports during the winter of 2011, when there was a lot of snow. Maybe it was a coincidence but soon after my report the outages ceased and the situation was restored. -Adds the resident, better to always have it in your pocket so you can use it in case of need ".

An application like this would have been very useful in these days or when the bad weather emergency is rampant throughout the boot, in short, having city support in your pocket is always useful. It seems that in Italy for now there is no such thing, but even if on theApp Store Italy or on the Android Market of our country, there is a similar application, please report it in a comment that we will be happy to test.

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