Solar energy street furniture

Solar energy street furniture

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Is called Mango Street Light, and it is the light that is destined to illuminate urban centers both in case of sun and in case of rain. It goes without saying that the street lamp is equipped with low c LED lightson energy consumption, LEDs are powered by solar energy but also by rain.

The project was developed by the Hungarian designer Adam Mikloski who conceived the Mango Street Light specifically for areas where the climate ranges from desert to tropical. An example is India, here there are sunny seasons but there is no shortage of monsoons with heavy rains. Adam Mikloski's concept uses both solar energy and rain, with an eye to what the power of recycling is.

With its characteristics, the Mango street lamp is well suited for lighting urban centers 365 days a year, without distinction between summer and winter. What makes the difference is the particular leaf shape. Inspired by nature, the designer can exploit a maximum surface both for the collection of rainwater and for the channeling of thesolar power: the top of the street lamp incorporates small solar cells and holes for collecting rainwater. The central area of ​​the leaf diverts rainwater towards a "control unit", also thesolar power collection will generate electricity which will be stored in the rechargeable batteries incorporated into the concept.

The project by the Hungarian designer is among the ten finalists of the competition "India Future of Change Design Competition"Intended to re-evaluate India. The competition took place in New Delhi, the Indian capital that acts as the flagship of a country that is in full development phase, especially as regards the technologies of the sector sustainable. Excellent publicity for the Indian capital was made by Tom Cruise's film "Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol", Where a futuristic New Delhi is the setting for an imminent nuclear war.

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