Expo 2015, Smart City projects presented

Expo 2015, Smart City projects presented

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E-health and e-welleness devices for prevention and health. Interconnected networks and much more, all designed with a view to sustainability and all included in the program of the Milan Expo 2015. The 4 projects for the Smart City, the smart, sustainable and futuristic city to be set up as part of the Universal Exposition to be held in Milan from May 1st to October 31st 2015.

The four projects for the Smart City will be made for Milan Expo 2015 and are based on the following four points:
integrate the disabled in the city with the use and management of sustainable and intelligent technologies
- technology at the service of interactive education with smart solution
- Hitech prevention and health services
- smart administration, with a system that simplifies access to services for citizens

A Smart City for L'Aquila capable of changing the lives of citizens and integrating perfectly with the environment. There Smart City for L’Aquila is a tangible example of how technologies can work at the service of minorities: hitech supports people with disabilities and more. E-health and e-wellness devices for citizens' health with prevention and remote care.

As part of the Digital Smart Cities that will transform Milan into a broadband city, we have already told you aboutHealthPresence by Cisco, a device capable of providing health services remotely thanks to the help of a large screen and a high-definition audio service, the patient can connect with the doctor for a completely "digital" visit. Finally, the health service flanked by a Smart Solution for the interactive school that aims to educate pupils through the principles of social sharing.

The projects were illustrated by Valerio Zingarelli, Technology Director of Expo 2015 SpA, flanked by Riccardo Luna, coordinator of the IAB project. The four projects were promoted byInnovation Advisory Board and approved on 6 March in Rome by the commission of Milan Expo 2015, in the presence of Francesco Profumo, Minister of Education, University and Research, who underlines the interconnections between Expo 2015 and education:

"There is a close connection between the Ministry of Education and Expo. We need to turn to young people to build new projects. Starting with the new generations asking for their contribution. The new media can be a means of communication with large communities ”.

The minister set out the initiatives promoted by the Government related to the Smart City. Among these, a tender worth 700 million euros. The call for 12 central-northern regions will join the competition of 300 million euros, launched last week for the 8 southern regions. The goal? The creation of Smart Cities in the north and south of Italy. The eight southern regions involved are Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, Basilicata, Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia and Campania. The projects that will be approved must guarantee maximum transparency on accounts and contracts so as to allow real-time monitoring of all works.

edited by Anna De Simone

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