How to clean the aquarium

An aquarium, to keep it always clean, needs adequate care. The right balance of water pH, nutrients and temperature are determining factors for the survival of our fish. If theaquarium it is new, before cleaning it must pass 2-3 months from installation, so that the internal balance is stabilized. Surely in doing all this it will be useful to know the various types of algaecide for aquariums

How to clean the aquarium, step by step.
First of all, the current must be removed from the aquarium.
The water must not be changed entirely: the delicate ecosystem that has accumulated over time is lost, and this can cause a shock for the fish.

At this point, about 20 or 30% of the total water must be removed to be replaced with the clean one at room temperature, after theaquarium. With a waste suction siphon, the bottom of theaquarium so as to dredge all the dirt. Then the filter must be cleaned and the sponge passed over the walls of the aquarium. Any algae on the walls must be eliminated manually, but you can rely on a glass cleaning magnet, preferably floating: the cleaning sponge adheres firmly to the internal wall and moves with a special magnetized support from the outside.

At the end, water must be added: however, it must be stabilized with a water conditioner, a product that, added to water, neutralizes heavy metals and chlorine, restoring the bacterial flora. If, on the other hand, demineralized or osmotic water is used, it is ready for the aquarium.

How to clean the aquarium, useful tips:
use fast growing plants that take away nutrients from algae.
Keeping the light on for no more than eight hours.
Carry out the NO3 test to check if there are many nitrates: if the test is positive, put an anti-nitrate product in the filter.
Add some snails and some algae-eating fish. The classic cleaner fish, even if they are not aesthetically pleasing, are very useful for clean the aquarium.
If the algae proliferate too much, a special algaecide can be used, which however does not harm the health of fish and plants.

How to clean the aquarium, the rules not to forget:
always wait 24 hours after cleaning the aquarium before feeding the fish.
The filter must be cleaned every week: if it is a sponge, it must be rinsed with water from the aquarium (never with that from the tap), but if it is filter wool, it must always be replaced.
Cleaning the aquarium should be done every 15 days.
Test the water before pouring it into the aquarium (temperature, PH levels and nitrites), extreme conditions can kill the fish.
In summary, it is therefore necessary to make regular water changes and remember to check the operation of the filters, pumps and everything else in the aquarium, in order to avoid creating malfunctions that are not immediately visible.

In the photo, cleaner fish. Photo by Alessio Di Meo

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