Wind energy in Nociglia, Puglia

Wind energy in Nociglia, Puglia

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Nociglia is an Italian town in the province of Lecce, in Puglia. For years now we have been trying to give life to a project for setting up a wind farm in the municipality of Nociglia. Salento is in full turmoil because citizens do not want the construction of a wind power plant.

The project was proposed by the company Eolica Energia F Srl which in February 2006 had the support of the Puglia Region. Today the laws in the field wind power have changed, so the company had to request a new opinion from the Ecology Department of the Region, putting the municipality of Nociglia on alert. Citizens, in fact, are against the opening of the wind farm. A short time ago, the whole of Salento exalted because it managed to prevent the construction of another wind farm planned for the Supersano area.

If in the territory of Supersano, the population could appeal to the proximity of the Paduli Park, with the Belvedere Forest, the territory of Nociglia has its back uncovered, even if for Oreste Caroppo, spokesman for the Environment & Health Forum, the impact of the Park of the Eolica Energia company, would affect the same naturalistic areas. Citizens are asking to preserve the identity of the territory that would be upset with the setting up of the wind farm provided by the company Eolica Energia F Srl. The director of the company, Clemente Petracca sent a letter to the mayor of the Municipality of Nociglia and to the technical office to bring the matter to a turning point.


The wind farm which should be built in the Municipality of Nociglia, includes three wind towers of 150 meters each. According to the spokesperson for the Environment & Health Forum, the wind farm, if set up in the Municipality of Nociglia, would have a negative impact on the Paduli Park. Furthermore, those who oppose the implementation of the wind farm of Nociglia appeals to a psychophysical malaise called "wind turbine syndrome"Which underlines the danger to the safety of inhabitants who in wind power do not see an ally for the environment but a demon that brings discomfort, here are the words of the spokesman Caroppo: "The danger to the safety of the inhabitants represented by these mega wind turbines for breaking and throwing deadly blade fragments hundreds of meters away, in addition to the damage to psycho-physical health within a radius of kilometers, is too neglected; an eventuality that doctors have now included in what they called 'wind turbine syndrome'

An apocalyptic scenario the one set up by the spokesman Caroppo. The firm Eolica Energia F Srl must ensure maximum safety for the system, just as required by law. Furthermore, being very heavy, the wind turbines cannot be thrown into the city center even accidentally. Rather than appealing to the psycho-physical health of citizens, generating alarmism, it might be more appropriate to emphasize the noise pollution that the power plant will generate and the damage it may cause to wild nocturnal birds.

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