The Barrier Reef is at risk

The Barrier Reef is at risk

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There are many tourist destinations at risk, for many of these tourism is the cause of the degradation. An example is the barrier Reef, described by all as an invaluable asset with a breathtaking view. A recent study explains the reason for its deterioration.

A study by researchers Katie Cramer and Jeremy Jackson has unearthed why the barrier Reef it is gradually disappearing. Although the study was conducted in the Caribbean region, the same principle can be applied to most of the coral reefs of the globe, so as to pay due attention to coral ecosystems that attract countless tourists.

The coral reef

It is true that one of the causes is dictated by global warming with an excessive presence of atmospheric carbon that gets to make its way into the oceans, but the main reason for the progressive disappearance of coral reefs it is due to phenomena such as deforestation and invasive fishing.

The study was conducted by analyzing the various layers of the barrier Reef, the result was an excessive accumulation of silt in the coastal of the forts, moreover, the outermost layers also presented the classic nutrients of the soil and various pollutants. Silt, soil nutrients and pollutants do not allow the growth of corals that are gradually disappearing.

Another problem is overfishing which has led to a drastic decrease in fish that feed on ingesting algae. The algae, growing on the barrier, compete for the territory by covering the barrier Reef and preventing further growth.

The clearing of coastal forests is dictated by the ever-increasing need to build new accommodation facilities to accommodate tourists. It is for this reason that environmental movements point the finger at local administrations which, with these new data, cannot blame the global warming, discharging all sorts of responsibilities. As if the accommodation facilities were not enough, in the Caribbean islands, the inhabitants have cleared entire tracts of forest to give life to agricultural movements and to exploit land resources in this sense.

There barrier Reef it hosts a great variety of aquatic species and if no action is taken, the fauna will also be destined to disappear along with the corals. Before it is too late it is important to make a turn towards what is true responsible tourism. Travel ethically without compromising because these are always harmful to the environment. Each of us wants our child to one day enjoy the view of the Great Barrier Reef.


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