How to build a lamp by recycling plastic tubes

How to build a lamp by recycling plastic tubes

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Have you ever built a plastic lamp by reusing plastic tubes? We know a creative who has thought of designing a lamp in the concept of reuse, recycling unused tubes destined for kegs for draft beer and has decided to share his colorful inspiration with us: here, step by step, the tips for building Daniele's eco lamp.

What do you need to build the lamp?
To build the lamp, you will need scissors, pliers and wire. If you prefer, you can also replace the wire with self-locking clamps, easy to find in any hardware store.
And of course the main ingredient: the plastic tubes! In this case, pipes intended for kegs for draft beer were used, but you can use any type, adjusting to a diameter of approximately 10 mm.

Building your lamp with a recycled soul is very simple: just take one end of the colored tube and, by folding the tube on itself, roll it into a circular shape, creating a base that you will make stable by stopping one tube to the other with the wire. iron.

Continue to shape the tube in a circular shape: with each turn you can increase the width of the circumference by creating the shape of a vase with the upper part having a narrow mouth and a wider belly. Of course you can use different colors and draw new evolutions in shapes, giving life to cylinders, triangular figures or whatever you will most enjoy inventing.

You can use your creation as a lampshade for a chandelier: in our case it was broken and this solution was perfect for reusing the chandelier without having to throw it away. If you have an abundance of plastic material, you can have fun inventing lamps of different shapes and sizes, to be placed in the corners of the house as an installation.

At the end of the work, here are the lamps in the dark, aren't they delicious? Ideal for soft lighting, creating a warm and soothing atmosphere, they will be perfect (and unbreakable!) For the children's room and even for an eco-friendly office.

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