The Radiobici tour continues

1,390 km have already been covered and many more will be the distances crossed by Maurizio Guagnetti with the project RadioBike. It is presented to the public as the first radio bi-investigation conducted in Italy. A chronicle on pedals, city after city, in the company of the journalist, "pedal driver" Maurizio Guagnetti.

The bicinvestigation of RadioBike consists in passing through a large number of Italian cities and meeting local administrations in order to witness the various Italian realities on what is, by far, the cleanest means of transport: the bicycle. Not just any bike, for the occasion a conventional bicycle has been transformed into a sort of "pedal radio studio". An atypical tandem, equipped with cameras, wireless microphones and a pilot.

To date, the tandem has already hosted numerous public and non-public figures. The first two to board were Giuliano Pisapia and Filippa Lagerback; which characters best for the initial tests? Just think that Giuliano Pisapia, mayor of Milan, strongly desired Area C, almost forcing the Milanese to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

RadioBike it started from Milan on 21 March and will end in the same city on 27 June, only after having experienced firsthand the realities of about 69 Italian cities for a total of 99 stages along the peninsula. At the beginning of April, Maurizio Guagnetti has already spent 414 hours aboard his bicycle. The bicinvestigation collects testimonies by relaunching one of the simplest means of transport: the bicycle.

As Maurizio Guagnetti himself writes, the project lays its foundations in the belief that the bicycle is the solution to many problems Italy is facing. On the pedals you can get a sustainable and healthy transport system with which people can get in touch with the realities of our country. A reality yet to be discovered, to be protected and above all, to be enhanced and why not do it on a bike ?!

Video: Steps Toward (June 2021).