Hermes, the shoe that recharges mobile phones

Have you ever thought you could charge your phone while jogging in the park? Now it is possible to wear the shoe that generates electricity, it's called Hermes and it's Made in Italy.

These are special shoes that, thanks to the internal device, are able to transform the energy produced by the steps into electricity. In homage to the Greek messenger god represented with winged shoes, the shoes are called Hermes. The latest green technological invention is Made in Italy.

The idea was created by the students of the "Salutati" high school in Montecatini Terme on the occasion of a competition organized by the CNR (National Research Center), in which the best minds in Italy are awarded. This project was carried out with the collaboration of an Italian footwear company. Thanks to the kinetic energy that is produced during the race, mobile phones, smartphones, music players and other small ones can be charged mobile devices.

Certainly a product capable of reconciling the need for sustainability and ecological behavior with the needs of those who cannot do without a mobile phone or iPod. Taking advantage of the principles of electromagnetism, it was developed of 2 cm called solenoid. The Solenoid was applied inside the heel: this device stores energy through a moving magnet that is moved through the force of the foot.

This energy is stored in a battery which is in turn connected to a wire that will transmit it to the device to be recharged. At this point while a person is running he produces electricity and this is transferred to his device. The mobile device it will be powered by the runner who will become a sort of electrical control unit.

The shoe is attracting the attention of many companies, including non-Italian ones, the idea is to produce a prototype that can be launched on the market. All those small defects that characterize the so-called "beta version" will have to be overcome, for example, most likely, in pursuing the project Hermes, a larger magnet will be inserted into the shoe to store more energy.

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