The Ford Focus Electric lands on facebook

The Ford Focus Electric lands on facebook

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Experience the new Ford Focus Electric even before the launch is within everyone's reach, all you need is a Facebook account! It seems that social networks such as facebook and twitter have become an obsession for everyone, even for car manufacturers. This is how the Ford presents its latest product "social media”The Plug N Play Electric City with his Ford Focus Electric. Drive one Ford it's child's play, especially on facebook!

The game offers Facebook users and four of his friends -it is no coincidence that the Ford Focus Electric which will debut in 2012 is a 5-seater car-, the possibility of creating a short virtual trip on board the new Ford vehicle: the Focus Electric. The “Plug N Play” uses MapQuest cartographic data to calculate the route and the relation to the available charging stations. The MapQuest service is also available in Italy but the Ford plugin does not implement the charging stations in our country. Probably because there are very few hybrid cars on the roads of Italy and the Italian car market is not yet ready for this change.

The service was not born for Italy but we too can take advantage of the virtual tour and make a Ford movie. The steps to access the Plug N Play Electric City are simple and you will find them in our photo gallery.

Chad D’Arcy, the marketing manager of Ford Focus Electric stated that the social media created by the Ford team "it is an excellent tool to give users the opportunity to get to know the new one Focus Electric and at the same time have fun. " Knowledge is the first step to ensure the spread of electric vehicles. It has been shown by an American study that many users do not evaluate the purchase of an electric car because they do not know this technology.

The Plug N Play Electric City, for us Italians it is a means of mere entertainment but for many countries it is a tool to discover the nearest charging station and the best route for shopping or to go out to dinner, all this, simply by entering the zip code .


Many car manufacturers launch ad hoc electric cars, Ford has chosen to "electrify" an existing car, to take the already beloved Ford Focus and turn it into an electric car. This may be another approach to the public who could learn to see the electric no longer as an ecological alternative, but as an evolution of mobility.

By the end of 2012, the Ford Focus Electric it will be sold in 19 countries in the USA.

The Plugin in Italy.
The plugin offers full service to US users only.
In Italy it can only be used to take advantage of the graphics power offered by Ford and have fun with a virtual travel in the company of 4 Facebook Friends. See the virtual trip organized by the IdeeGreen Staff!


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