Ecostore and Baratto 2.0

Ecostore and Baratto 2.0

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Is it possible that there is no platform where you can put items that are still functional for "free sale" that you would never sell on ebay and other sites? Do you want barter old magazines? A piece of furniture or just a pair of headphones? To do business it is not necessary to have money, objects are also enough, perhaps those you no longer use! The barter 2.0 was created to restore value to your used vehicle and is proposed by an ecostore, the first in Italy to use a form of barter called asynchronous, to to recycle objects not used, to give it a second life, all without using money.

We told you about the social network of agriculture 2.0, where anyone who has a garden can barter its harvest with other products. Today we still talk about barter but this time through an ecostore, the first of its kind in Italy. This is Reoose, a portal created to relaunch the principles of sustainable consumption. The project is inspired by the rule of the three Rs:
Reduction of waste.

Why do we talk about asynchronous barter? The portal exploits all the potential of the network in order to simplify the shopping experience of each user. A kind of barter 2.0 alternative, where a value expressed in credits is attributed for each object to be traded, the credits are assigned with the criteria of sustainability: it does not matter if the object is designer, only its usability status and its polluting value count.

The accumulated credits can be used to win other objects, those objects that other people have decided to "dispose of". It is not necessary to invest the credits in the acquisition of other assets. The credits accumulated with the barter 2.0 “Asynchronous”, they can be donated to some non-profit organizations.

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