He builds a lamp with coffee grounds

He builds a lamp with coffee grounds

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For many Italians, there is nothing better than starting the day with a cup of coffee. For the designer Raùl Lauri, coffee is not just a drink but an opportunity to illuminate the house. This is how it was born "Lamp Decafé“, The ergonomic lamp built by recycling coffee grounds, the very ones we Italians throw away!

The shape of the Lamp Decafè it could only be inspired by a cup of coffee, in fact it remembers its shapes, only the handle is missing! The lamp body is made using i coffee grounds, treated to obtain a compact and solid result. It is surprising to see that coffee grounds manage to create something so elegant.


The biodegradable body features a very bright spotlight which, thanks to the base, can be oriented in any position, directing the light beam where the user prefers.

Lamp Decafè offers a perfect combination of elegant design and sustainable material, it is a simple and efficient product, as well eco-friendly to cash the first place with the Salone Satellite Award awarded during the week of the Milan Furniture Fair. There Decafé lamp stood out among the 76 prototypes in the race. So Raùl Lauri took home a cash sum of 10 thousand euros. It appears that the material used in the construction of the Decafè lamp is destined for success: the patent has already been filed.


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