Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

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It is well known that the electric cars they have the disadvantage of having a limited running range. Fortunately there are hybrid cars to make up for this limit and beyond. An example is the Chevrolet Volt, already available on the Italian market.

Some manufacturers have introduced on the market models defined "extended range electric cars". These cars have a propulsion system that is basically identical to the electric ones, but they differ from these in that they also have an engine powered by fossil fuels, exactly like sui hybrid vehicles.


In this perspective the Chevrolet Volt, the electric sedan ad extended autonomy already available on the Italian market.

Named "Car of the year 2012", The Chevrolet Volt it has a 150 horsepower electric motor combined with a small traditional 86 horsepower petrol engine, which has the task of functioning as a range extender by recharging the on-board batteries.

The autonomy, using only the electric propulsion, is between 40 and 80 km, while using the energy produced by the internal combustion engine it is possible to travel up to 500 km. The battery can also be charged thanks to the Plug-in mode, for which a normal household power socket is sufficient.


There Chevrolet Volt it has a top speed of 161 km / h and has a range significantly higher than that offered by other electric models, making the car an ideal solution even for long journeys. As standard, the sedan offers accessories such as stability control StabiliTrak with integrated traction control and the electro-hydraulic ABS system, eight airbags and the advanced safety shell made of ultra-resistant steel.

The list price for the Italian market is € 43,350, but the Chevrolet offers the possibility of long-term rental thanks to the program Drive Volt for a monthly cost of € 897 + VAT in an all-inclusive formula. For 48 months and a total of 80,000 km you won't have to worry about any additional expenses, including insurance, road tax and service.


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