Expo 2015, the official currency made

Expo 2015, the official currency made

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Made of an alloy of recycled metals, impossible to counterfeit, the ecological and intelligent coin has come to light, "green and smart". Diversities exist but they can all be united: unity in diversity, this is one of the fundamental principles that inspired Expo 2015 and this is the principle represented by currency.

On one face the number one repeated five times. On the other, the five leaves of the tree of life, each leaf from a different continent. The two performances were made by the Italian Laura Cretare and the Belgian Luc Luycx.

“For an artist - he comments Laura Cretara – it is a privilege to sign a coin because it is destined to remain in the memory of history, as a document of an era. But it is also a great responsibility since the artist must interpret the historical reality in which he lives and convey with symbolic images what is positive in the values ​​that hold society together”.

The coin was made from recycled nickel-based metals, exactly in line with the basic principles of Milan Expo 2015. Coins and medals have historical value, are a real testimony and represent the past and the present. Looking at a coin you can create a visual bridge that accompanies up to that particular historical period or, as in this case, to that event.

L'Expo 2015 will start on May 1, 2015, in an area that has about 1.1 million square meters with a space that will host hundreds of participating nations. It is expected to welcome over 20 million spectators.

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