Ravello, Maiori and Minori, treasures to discover

Ravello, Maiori and Minori, treasures to discover

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We know that to travel in an ethical way we should prefer the tourist destinations of our country. So today we offer you a virtual tour a Ravello, one of the gems of the Amalfi Coast. At 350 meters high, between villas, breathtaking views and the sea.

To land in an earthly paradise you don't need to fly to Bora Bora, just travel along the coasts of Italy to discover tourist destinations for the summer. Ravello is a small town but it contains the possibility of offering cultural, architectural, artistic, seaside and naturalistic tourism in a single solution. What can you do in Ravello?


  • Various types of tourism
  • Trekking
  • Climbing
  • MBT
  • Live music

Ravello it's perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy one summer vacation in peace and quiet. A few kilometers from the crystalline waters of the Amalfi coast we discover a place famous for its quiet atmosphere and rich in architectural jewels of rare elegance: an avenue flanked by lime trees and cypresses, cascades of flowers and a belvedere that appears steeped in the sea.

Ravello is connected to the enchanting seaside resort of Minors, Minori was chosen by the ancient Romans as a destination in which to dedicate themselves to otium, the various villas testify to this, including the Villa Romanda of the second one A.D. Not to be missed, in Maiori, citizens linked to minors, the opportunity to have lunch or dinner at the Norman Tower, the only private stronghold in the Mediterranean which, with careful restoration work, now houses a delightful and prestigious restaurant.


Returning to Ravello, it is mandatory to visit the Villa Rufolo, the spearhead of Ravello's historical and architectural heritage. Not only history and architecture but also open air and nature, with well-kept gardens rich in vegetation. We mentioned earlier cultural tourism, because every year the Ravello Festival full of events ranging from classical to lighter music. For the sport-hungry, there are more than 100 itineraries drawn up by CAI (Italian Mountain Sports Association).

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