How to grow strawberries on the balcony

How to grow strawberries on the balcony

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How to grow strawberries on the balcony: a guide for the cultivation of strawberries in pots, so as to grow strawberry plants on the terrace or balcony, even in a very small space.

In the article entitled "how to grow on the balcony”I showed you a dense list of vegetables and greens that you cangrow in pots, taking advantage of small surfaces such as a sunny corner of the terrace or balcony of the house. Among the numerous possibilities offered by cultivation in pots on the balcony, there is no shortage of strawberries.

The organic strawberriesthey are among the best and healthiest fruits that can be grown on the balcony; why grow strawberries? You may not know it, but strawberries are the fruits richest in pesticides, they grow on crawling plants, in contact with the soil and at the mercy of lizards and snails, which is why, in conventional agriculture, they undergo a large number of pesticide treatments. On your balcony, you make the laws and I'm sure you will settle for a smaller crop rather than filling the seedlings with pesticides!Grow strawberries it is possible both if you have a vegetable garden, a terrace or a simple balcony. On this page I will explain to youhow to grow strawberries on the balcony, using a raised vegetable garden, vase or planter.

How to grow strawberries on the balcony

Here's what you need it forgrow strawberries on the terrace or balcony.

  • 1 circular vase with a diameter of 30 cm
  • 1 saucer in proportion to the size of the pot
  • 1 pack of universal soil with acid pH between 5.8 and 6.5, containing pumice or perlite and compost
  • 1 or more strawberry seedlings (Fragaria)

As I mentioned earlier, as an alternative to the vase, you can use a planter, a cassate or a raised vegetable garden. The raised vegetable garden is a very convenient solution for those who want to grow a vegetable garden on the terrace or balcony. For all the information I suggest you read: how to build a raised vegetable garden.

How to grow strawberries on the balcony

Strawberries can be grown in any pot or container with a drainage hole. If you are growing a garden in large boxes or in rectangular planters 40 x 100 cm or 40 x 80 cm, you can use strawberry seedlings to make small borders. For example, 15 cm away from the edge of the planter, plant a vegetable and, on the other, pour, 10 cm from the edge, plant the strawberry plants.

How to plant strawberries in pots on the balcony?
The transplant should be done in spring or autumn.

  • Begin filling the pot with universal soil only if it contains perlite or pumice. Otherwise, spread a layer of expanded clay of about 2 or 3 cm to avoid water stagnation. If you want better yield, choose slightly acidic soil or irrigate with rainwater.
  • When the pot is full, dig a hole in the center of the potting soil that is large enough to hold the seedling soil.
  • Gently remove the seedling from the pot (seedbed) by pressing against the walls to avoid damaging the roots.
  • Place the dough inside the pot and compact the soil with your hands. If necessary, add more soil.
  • Preferably place the vase to the north because the strawberry prefers partial shade. If this is not possible, choose a location in the south as long as half a day of light radiation and half a day of shading are guaranteed.
  • Always keep the earth moist, while avoiding water stagnation.
  • During the winter, repair the vase with newsprint and the earth with a layer of straw.
  • Harvest strawberries from June onwards, preferably in the early morning when the fruit has the most aroma.

If you have bought some sachets of strawberry seeds, I invite you to read the guidehow to grow strawberries from seed.

How to grow strawberries on the balcony:useful tips

Although the strawberry it has a vegetative cycle of several years, it is advisable to cultivate it for no more than three or four years, a time beyond which diseases, mostly fungal in nature, develop more easily. Why should I grow strawberries? To be sure to consume a genuine and pesticide-free product and above all because the strawberry has numerous properties, I remember some of them:

  • There strawberry contains iron, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, calcium, silica, iodine, bromine, vitamins B, E, K, ... rich in vitamin C, strengthen the body's natural defenses
  • Strawberry is purifying, detoxifying, laxative.
  • Promotes the immune defenses, nourishing, tonic, refreshing and remineralizing and also diuretic thanks to the presence of potassium.
  • Strawberry leaves are also rich in properties: the infusion is astringent, antirheumatic and indicated in cases of liver failure.
  • Strawberries whiten and protect the teeth: these fruits contain xylitol, a sweet substance that prevents the formation of dental plaque and kills the germs responsible for bad breath.
  • They are antioxidants and keep you young: strawberries have been included among the super foods that "keep young" in the special ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) ranking drawn up by the USDA (the US Department of Agriculture), for the record content of antioxidants beneficial to health.

For anycultivation in potsand above all on the balcony, an environment that is very close to the house, be careful to always use good quality soil, less prone to host parasites or harmful insects. Larvae and pests give your plants a short life. Whenever you change your crop or repot, always renew the old soil by adding fresh and new one.

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