How to scrap a moped

We have already told you about the procedure for scrap a car, today we will explain like scrapping a moped. The simplest and cheapest way is the scrapping with the purchase of a new vehicle but if this is not your case, do not worry, you will only need to fill in some paperwork.

How to scrap a moped. The purchase of a new vehicle
Deliver the moped to the dealer where you will buy your new scooter / motorcycle.
Hand in the booklet.
Get the certificate of destruction issued. Done!

How to scrap a moped
Locate a motorcycle collection center, look for an authorized wrecker in your city.
Give the vehicle documents to the wrecker: booklet, license plate ...
Ask the scrapper for an "act of taking charge of the scrapping", the act must contain the data of the builder and the applicant, the date and time of issue of the certificate and the declaration with the commitment to provide for the practice of cancellation from the PRA It will be the wrecker himself to provide for the cancellation of the vehicle from the P.R.A. in this regard, a sum of money will be required.

When filling in the documentation issued by the wrecker, you will need the vehicle data - contained in the booklet -, identification document and tax code of the vehicle holder.

How to scrap a moped without booklet
If you want scrapping a moped without the booklet, you will have to report the loss and you can hand over the report made to the Carabinieri command to the wrecker.

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