Ricoh celebrated World Environment Day with a green night

Therenight ofJune 5th Ricoh has turned off the lights of all its branches around the world, leaving only the lights ongreen lights powered by renewable sources. The "Ricoh Global Eco Action", Introduced in 2006 by the Japanese multinational with the aim of increasing awareness on environmental sustainability. Starting with its employees around the world.

As part of this program, the night of June 5th (World Environment Day United Nations) the insignia with the Ricoh logo and the lights of all the Group's subsidiaries were Instead, i remained on environmentally friendly panels of New York (Times Square), London and Sydney, being 100% powered by wind and solar energy. With these green advertisements Ricoh wants to raise people's environmental awareness and encourage them to adopt sustainable behaviors. Development of these panels began in April 2009. The first panel was installed in Times Square, New York, in 2010, and two more were installed last year in London and Sydney. The energy consumption of the three panels is around 150,000 wh per day.

“Also in Ricoh Italy - he comments Roberto Ghibaudo, Director of Service, Quality and Environment - employees are involved in a series of activities and initiatives that will last throughout the month of June. To bring employees closer to nature, we invite them for example to participate in running, cycling and walking competitions, forming 'virtual' teams of employees and at the end of the month the 'virtuous team Ricoh Italy 2012' will be elected. We will then distribute a brochure to all employees illustrating 'green' driving methods that help reduce fuel consumption. For June 5th we organized the 'Day at 0 km' in the company kitchen for which, for example, 'zero km' products were purchased and dishes made of biodegradable material were used to reduce the consumption of chemical detergents and energy for washing ".

Curated by Michele Ciceri

Video: Green Building Techniques. World Environmental Day ActivityJune 5 (June 2021).