How to grow potatoes at home

How to grow potatoes at home

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On the balcony of the house or on the terrace, thanks to the cultivation in pots, it is possible to set up a rich vegetable garden. There is no season that can stand up to the goodness of potatoes. So why not arm yourself with soil e grow potatoes right in our house? If you think that the soil on your porch can get too dirty, for grow potatoes, you can choose some sawdust!

How to grow potatoes. The necessary
A bin or a crate
Soil or sawdust
Seed potatoes

How to grow potatoes. The procedure
Take a bin of about fifty liters, fill it 1/4 full with a good soil and compost. In this bin, on several layers, yours will grow potatoes from seed. Potatoes must have a bud in order to be planted. If they do not show it, place them in the light for 3 or 4 days until the buds appear with a soft green color.

Take the bud potatoes, cut them in half and place them in the soil with the buds facing up. The soil must always be moist but without any stagnation so as not to rot the potatoes. As the plant grows it will be necessary to add some soil so as to always keep the roots that grow around the potato covered.

When the plants stop growing, that is after about three months, you will notice that the leaves will change their color: the vegetation of the leaves will change from green to yellow. At this point your potatoes will be ready and you just have to pick them up!

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