Toyota Yaris Hybrid, presales are underway

Toyota Yaris Hybrid, presales are underway

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The Italian price is 17,500 euros, the same as one Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D, only with the Hybrid, Toyota offers a dual engine with an excellent savings potential. The version Hybrid of the Toyota Yaris has aerodynamic peculiarities and record emissions.

The petrol engine is a new 1.5-liter four-cylinder that joins the electric motor for a total power of 100 horsepower. This power allows the car to move easily despite the low emissions: we are talking about 79 g of CO2 emitted for every kilometer traveled.


Let's see in detail the proposals offered by Toyota, the price, as anticipated, starts at 17,500 euros for thehybrid car basically, let's see all the options starting from the price:

Price 17,500 euros. The proposal sees the layout Lounge. As standard, the model offers an automatic CVT gearbox, LED lights, multifunctional steering wheel, keyless starting system, dual zone automatic climate control, hill start assist, leather gear knob, rear camera, Bluetooth connection, system Toyota Touch with 6-inch screen and a compartment with hidden corner and USB and Aux connections.

Price 18,000 euros. The proposal is the Lounge + Style setting. We are talking about the 79 g of CO2 emitted for each kilometer traveled. +, A sort of plus that involves the addition of 15 "alloy wheels and front fog lights.

Price 19,400 euros. The proposal is the set-up Yaris Hybrid Style where the alloy wheels are replaced by a 16 ″ version and to what has been said before must be added a panoramic roof with double curtain, tinted windows, more sensitive seats in mixed leather / fabric.


The options. We are talking about the classic colors proposed with metallic paints respectively at 500 and 750 euros, the version from 750 euros is available only for the Yaris Hybrid Style, to be clear, it could only be requested for the 19,400 euro model.

Among the other options we see the navigation system Toyota Touch & GO offered at 550 euros, the Tech Pack, exclusively for the Lounge + at 550 euros and the Tech Pack Plus for the Style at 750 euros. Tech Packs, among other things, include cruise control.


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