The invisible helmet for electric bikes

The invisible helmet for electric bikes

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The helmet is a kind of protective shell that goes on the skull, but what if it is worn around the neck? It certainly wouldn't damage our hairstyles! Thus was born Hovding, a "helmetInvisible that will protect us from falls and keep our hair intact.

Does it look like the girl in the picture is wearing a helmet? No….? Yet it does!

Of course, there are many skeptics: an invisible helmet that is worn around the neck, which inflates in the event of an accident and which, on top of that, costs 500 dollars? Our security is priceless, but perhaps that of Hovding it's a bit exaggerated. The idea of ​​the two Swedish designers has collected several awards and has also been called into play by a Swedish insurance company.

It also appears that Hovding has passed the tests of the European Community therefore guarantees the necessary safety standards. This is a legally compliant helmet, providing just as much protection as any CE standard helmet. Despite the confirmation of the European Community, the Folksam insurance company wanted to personally carry out tests.

Folksam tests were carried out on electric bikes launched with maximum safety which, according to European standards, is 25 km / h. The crash test worked: the helmet (or would it be more appropriate to say, “the collar?”) Was put on a mannequin that was dropped causing a 200Gs impact. In fact, the crash test showed that theHovding it would be even better than standard helmets.

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The collar Hovding it mounts movement sensors, when the side sensors perceive an abnormal activity, they activate a replenishing system that inflates the collar with helium gas, making it a protective and soft helmet. Compared to standard helmets, the impact with a Hovding it turns out soft! The system could also be upgraded and approved for motorcyclists.

Photo | Folksam on Flickr

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