Which tv to buy?

Which tv to buy?

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The tv with big screen is the pride of many families and over the years, these televisions they get higher and higher energy efficiency. According to the latest estimates, even the largest display TV model operates with only 64 watts of power, which is less than that required by older incandescent bulbs. The world of electronics is changing and technologies are becoming more environmentally friendly, including TV, therefore, which tv to buy?

If you are wondering which tv to buy, it is good to keep in mind the ranking of multi-channel television high energy efficiencyespecially if you are going to spend a lot of time in front of your new one led tv. All appliances have an impact on electricity bill as well as the environment. The non-profit organization "TopTen USA " has drawn up the ranking of the 10 most efficient televisions, that is, those that will make you save on your electricity bill. The categories examined by TopTen USA are three and refer to TV small, medium and large, so to speak, the large ones are TVs of at least 46 inches.

Which tv to buy?
If you need an exaggerated big screen then you can't do without the Aquos LC-70LE745U, this is the LCD TV of SHARP which with its 70 inches will not weigh excessively on your energy expenditure. The Aquos TV provides an annual energy consumption of 117 kWh with a savings estimated up to $ 84 on annual electricity costs TVs are rated by watt of electricity used for each square inch of the screen.

In the category of "medium weights“, That is, of TVs ranging from 30 to 46 inches, Samsung is the host. The most popular model is the TV Samsung UN40EH500F, the 40-inch LCD TV that consumes 65 kWh of electricity annually. There Led TV Samsung manages to save up to $ 95 on electricity bills.

On TopTen USA you will find all the details of the ranking that will help you choose which tv to buy.

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