GALAXY Chat: the smartphone with a green spirit

GALAXY Chat: the smartphone with a green spirit

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Samsung GALAXY Chat

GALAXY Chat is a smartphone designed to make social life easier and more fun; even to those who don't have much money to spend. There is a real spirit smart, young and green in the new GALAXY Chat smartphone by Samsung which will be on sale in Italy starting from August.

The first thing you notice about Samsung GALAXY Chat is the elegant and compact design, ideal for those who want to stand out with a certain style but without exaggeration. The device seems designed for more social consumers because it is young and powerful, and allows users to reach their contacts in a simple and intuitive way.

The GALAXY Chat smartphone is based on the operating system Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and combines a 3-inch touch display with a comfortable one QWERTY keyboard, to make social life easier and more fun.

Interestingly, GALAXY Chat has preloaded ChatON, the free Samsung application designed for any device (smartphone, tablet and PC), operating system and lifestyle that allows you to communicate and share content (photos, images, videos, documents, animations and much more) with all your contacts. With ChatON you can also create animated messages and start group chats.

As for the email, GALAXY Chat makes its management easier thanks to the easy search functions, an interactive menu bar to browse the web without interruption and the ability to archive emails in folders, for even faster and immediate access.

Turning to games, GALAXY Chat has the special Game Hub, preloaded with the most famous games to satisfy the entertainment desire of all users. With AllShare Play you can instead share your favorite multimedia contents from / to other connected devices.

Of course, GALAXY Chat can also be used for work. To better manage work away from home and away from the office, the application Quick Office offers easier viewing and management of your documents, allowing you to work with Microsoft Word, Excel or Power Point while the application Samsung S Planner it helps you remember appointments and organize your agenda in a practical and intuitive way.

Samsung GALAXY Chat will go on sale starting in August at major consumer electronics brands and mobile operators. The recommended retail price from the parent company is 139 euros VAT included.

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