Paper is best recycled after de-inking

Paper is best recycled after de-inking

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Outline of the de-inking process

De-inking means to remove theink toner from the paper of the pages printed from printers, photocopiers is multifunction before the trial recycling. There are more printers that allow de-inking of printed sheets eco-sustainable because they allow paper mills to recycle paper, thus reducing the production of waste that damage the environment.

There de-inking certification it's up to INGEDEInternational of the Deinking Industry - the only body authorized to certify that the toner on the prints produced by these systems can be removed during the recycling process. The INGEDE certification has been awarded for example to the portfolio of Japanese single sheet digital color printing solutions Ricoh.

"We are constantly looking for new ways to help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their printing operations. Ricoh toners can be successfully treated in the process of deinking. This allows us to reduce the environmental impact of paper production by making the services more sustainable, "he commented Graham Moore, business development director of Ricoh Europe's Production Printing Business Group.

Ricoh gave practical demonstration of the validity of the INGEDE program. Thanks to Carbon Balanced Printing Program and recycling initiatives, the Japanese giant has for example guaranteed the neutralization of carbon emissions generated by printing activities at its booth at drupa 2012. Conceived specifically for print service providers, the Carbon Balanced Printing Program allows Ricoh partners to reduce the environmental impact deriving from the use of digital systems and to offer customers a zero-emission service.

“We believe this commitment to the environmental sustainability is crucial for the future of our industry and the planet. Ricoh is at the forefront of offering certified tools, services and products that make it easier than in the past to manage printing activities in a responsible manner towards the environment. With this initiative, we ensure that all the paper we use is recycled and reintegrated into the production chain, ”added Moore.

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