The Golden Panda arrives in the Alps

The Golden Panda arrives in the Alps

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The registrations for the WWF diploma Golden Panda”Which for this year will address crucial issues for the survival of terrestrial species. The study of habitats, soil consumption, the importance of bears, wolves and lynxes, water and sustainable tourism. The Golden Panda is dedicated to the protection and enhancement sustainable of the biodiversity in the Alps. Public or private bodies, individuals or associations will be awarded prizes.

Until 28 September it will be possible to submit applications for the WWF diploma. The Golden Panda has reached its seventh edition and is dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity alpine, focusing attention on concrete and already operational projects.

"The Alps are one of the last remaining natural regions in Central Europe, they are the most important water reserve in Europe, with great rivers such as the Rhine, the Rhone and the Po which have their sources there, and are home to 30,000 animal species , including symbolic species such as the brown bear, the ibex, the chamois, the wolf, the lynx and the golden eagle, and 13,000 plant species, of which a large number of endemic species (i.e. that live exclusively here): in all 20,000 invertebrates, 200 nesting birds, 80 mammals, 80 fish, 21 amphibians, 15 reptiles and, among the plant species, over 5,000 fungi, 4,500 vascular plants or 39% of the European flora and of these 8% live only here , 2,500 lichens, 800 mosses, 300 liverworts. "

In the context of responsible tourism, the 2012 Golden Panda will be awarded to those projects and activities that have contributed most to the promotion of a form of sustainable tourism in the Alpine area. For water issues, the projects and activities awarded will be those that have contributed most to the conservation of habitat of fresh water and the virtuous use of water resources. THE Panda d'Oro diplomas 2012 will be delivered on October 25th.

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