A sea of ​​troubles for the Sicilian Channel

A sea of ​​troubles for the Sicilian Channel

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Off the Sicilian coast there are four platforms already active. The question is clear: better the blue gold of the Sicilian seas or the black gold that could be brought to the surface by the drills that plow the Channel of Sicily? The black gold rush should be abandoned in favor of energy sources cleaner but at the moment several permits have already been granted for the exploration of hydrocarbons in Italian waters. Exactly 26 permits and 42 requests for new explorations.

Among the areas of greatest interest, the Strait of Sicily stands out, the seabed between Italy and Tunisia which has 11 research permits and 18 new applications in the evaluation stage. Permits forhydrocarbon extraction already granted are three, for a total of four platforms active off the Sicilian coast.


The oil companies they are strongly interested in the areas off the Egadi islands and off the coast between Marsala and Mazara del Vallo, near the Adventure counter. The south coast between Sciacca and Gela is also at risk where, in addition to two research permits already granted, there are five new exploration requests and two requests for cultivation. Technically, the term "cultivation" means the practice of hydrocarbon extraction.

The oil companies are also interested in the area of ​​the Malta Channel (between Malta and Sicily) where the owner company has requested to to drill an exploration well, a new research permit is in the process of being authorized and two others have been requested just below Pozzallo, near the concession where there is already an active oil platform.

We are running out. The scenario is tragic and everything seems ready. According to Greenpeace "To be the masters in the black gold rush are well-known foreign companies such as the Shell, the main operator of research permits north of the Canal for an area of ​​over 4200 km2, and the Northern Petroleum, which owns seven research instances and has submitted nine more. Companies such as ENI is EDISON, Transunion Petroleum and Audax Energy.

In Channel of Sicily a mad rush for black gold is being prepared, between requests and permits, it is easy to predict that the oil companies have already found gods deposits they prepare to exploit, in addition, they prepare to further explore the seabed in search of others deposits.


Who should drill the Sicilian Channel? The answer of Greenpeace:
"Certainly to the oil industries, given that the increase in the price of oil makes it convenient to extract even limited quantities of oil, very little to the state, given that the tax regime is negligible, and in no way to local communities whose sea and whose resources are put at risk by drilling projects that threaten their economies. "

Without immediate action, the local economies risk collapsing. The coasts of the Strait of Sicily focus their economy on tourism. It all depends on the crystalline waters of Sicily which are becoming a "sea ​​of ​​drills"With environmental risks unacceptable for urban areas living on the coast.

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