Bio Home, for an eco-friendly kitchen

Dishes, cutlery, trays and colored glasses ed ecofriendly made of bamboo fiber, a wood with excellent properties and much more sustainable than traditional wood. Respect for the environment is served on the table with the ecological collection Bio Home signed Bitossi.

The bamboo it is a plant that grows spontaneously and in large quantities providing a resistant, compostable fiber and for this reason biodegradable. It has the ability to grow and regenerate in a short time. Just think that the giant bamboo it reaches complete evolution in about 4 years, while a traditional tree takes decades to be ready, with the result that very often more trees are felled than can grow. IS Non-toxic so it can also be used for kitchen accessories and table complements that are ideal for the home, garden and picnics.

The accessories Bio Home they are not only attentive to nature but also to the outward appearance: simple lines and fresh and lively colors, to give a touch of enthusiasm to the home environment without disfiguring even for outdoor use. The objects are made in white, brown, green, light blue, purple: the coloring is done with absolutely non-toxic substances.

In the collection: bowls of various sizes, glasses, tray with handles, salad bowl, cutlery, salad servers, colander. Look at the catalog in pdf.

Video: Eco-Friendly Home Essentials. Jen Atkin (July 2021).